Healthcare Staffing Divisions

As Global Healthcare staffing specialists we recruit into a wide range of healthcare sectors from Allied Health to Nursing & Doctors. Our medical divisions offer access to a huge pool of locum & permanent positions across the UK, Republic of Ireland and the Australasian health markets and our expert consultants can offer a wide range of career opportunities to job seekers looking for their next challenge.

Using our expert clinical knowledge we can transform your career goals into a reality.

  • Ambulance Professionals

    Ambulance Professionals

    Globe Locums have the best jobs for ambulance professionals worldwide. The roles we recruit into include specialist paramedics, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, emergency care assistants and ambulance care assistants.

  • Audiology


    Audiology is expanding as a speciality. Around 16% of the population in the UK has significant hearing loss, and some people feel that restoring or improving their hearing is vitally important for their quality of life.

  • Biomedical Science

    Biomedical Science

    Biomedical scientists work in labs carrying out tests to help with the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Research may include blood tests, preparing blood for transfusions and other fluids.

  • Cardiac Physiology

    Cardiac Physiology

    Cardiac physiologists work within the cardiology department of a hospital. Each day is spent assessing patients with heart conditions or illnesses that have affected their cardiac function.

  • Dietetics


    Dieticians are highly trained healthcare professionals who convert nutritional information into practical suggestions about dietary intake and advise on food related problems or intolerances.

  • Doctors


    Doctors are a highly trained medical professional who consults with patients in the community, at GP practices or in hospital, working cohesively with other healthcare professionals.

  • Mortuary


    Mortuary technicians, or anatomical pathology technicians (APT), assist pathologists with postmortems and take care of the deceased after being transferred from the place of death.

  • Non-Clinical


    At Globe Locums, we currently have a large selection of non-clinical jobs on a locum and permanent basis. If you’re now looking for a new job opportunity, you can browse our vacancies by visiting our jobs section.

  • Nursing


    Nurses are highly trained healthcare professionals working across multiple departments or as specialists, and can be seen as the most important team members during a patient’s healthcare journey.

  • Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapy

    As allied health professionals, occupational therapists have a unique opportunity to make a difference to patients' quality of life by helping those who have difficulty fulfilling daily activities.

  • Operating Department Practitioner

    Operating Department Practitioner

    Operating department practitioners play a significant role in the operating room, as well as before and after operations.

  • Optometry


    Formerly known as ophthalmic opticians, optometrists are primary healthcare specialists focusing on eye examinations who use advanced equipment to identify changes in patients' eyesight or vision.

  • Orthotics And Prosthetics

    Orthotics And Prosthetics

    As an orthotist, you can look forward to a rewarding career where every day presents new and fascinating learning opportunities. Orthotists specialise in using devices, or orthoses, to correct problems caused by nerve, muscle or bone issues.

  • Pharmacy


    Pharmacists are experts in the uses of medications and their potential side effects, and are responsible for ensuring prescribed medications are suitable for the individual treatment of patients.

  • Physician Associates

    Physician Associates

    A physician associate is a qualified healthcare professional with training in basic aspects of patient diagnosis and management, including carrying out physical examinations and interpreting test results.

  • Physiotherapy


    Physiotherapists work with patients of all ages, from premature babies through to the elderly, and are responsible for improving patients' movement and function, and ultimately their quality of life.

  • Podiatry


    Podiatrists are highly trained healthcare professionals who focus on the health of feet and the lower limbs, working in a range of areas including sports medicine, diabetes and injection therapy.

  • Psychological Therapies

    Psychological Therapies

    Psychological therapists work within the umbrella of mental health services, focusing on patients' emotional and mental well-being, providing assistance for those in need of professional support.

  • Radiography


    Radiographers are highly trained medical professionals who use technical imaging equipment to diagnose and/or treat conditions such as cancer and trauma, e.g. broken bones or tissue abnormalities.

  • Radiotherapy


    Radiotherapists, or therapeutic radiographers, use doses of x-ray and other ionising radiation to treat illnesses of patients who are often being treated for cancer or another form of tumour.

  • Respiratory Physiology

    Respiratory Physiology

    Respiratory physiologists perform investigative procedures on patients to diagnose breathing disorders and to help aid decisions regarding treatment for lung diseases.

  • Sonography


    Sonographers are skilled at using ultrasound waves to observe inside the body, involving mostly real-time video-like imaging scans to enable faster diagnosis of patient conditions.

  • Speech and Language

    Speech and Language

    Speech and language therapists are involved in more than just the ability to talk, as they also offer support and care for people with difficulties communicating, eating, drinking and swallowing.

  • Sterile Services

    Sterile Services

    Sterile Services Technicians, also referred to as Central Service Technicians, ensure that all reusable medical and surgical instruments, from Theatres or Wards, are clean and sterile for reuse during patient procedures.

  • Teaching


    Qualified teachers focus on primary school education or a specialist subject within secondary or further education, and must work well with children, their parents and the wider school community.

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