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At Globe Locums, we thrive on matching qualified ambulance professionals with exciting permanent and Locum jobs across a multitude of countries. Led by clinicians, the team at Globe Locums has a unique understanding of what working as a Locum is like. Our professional recruiters find the best Locum and permanent jobs for ambulance professionals worldwide. The roles we recruit into include specialist paramedics, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, emergency care assistants and ambulance care assistants.

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Specialist Paramedic

Specialist paramedics have plenty of experience managing emergencies and non-emergencies alike. As a specialist paramedic, you will already have developed your skills in a certain area. This might include work in the rapid response car, working in walk-in centres or the ‘minors’ department of A&E, working for the air ambulance or taking on a role in forensic medicine.

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Paramedics are often the first trained professional to arrive on the scene when a patient is in need of urgent medical care. As a paramedic, no two days are ever the same. Your clinical knowledge and skills might be needed to treat someone who has had a heart attack, or you may be called to an accident.

Paramedics qualify with a degree in paramedic science. As part of a network of healthcare professionals involved in a patient’s care, you may need to work closely with doctors and nurses in A&E, as well as GPs, mental health teams and occupational therapists.

Working as a paramedic can lead to specialist work including becoming a paramedic prescriber, seeing patients in A&E or working for the air ambulance service. Being a Locum paramedic may offer you a breadth of opportunities in providing emergency healthcare.

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Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technicians can operate alone or as part of a two person team. When working in a team, your role is to support the paramedic in stabilising and treating patients.

You’ll have many of the same clinical skills as a paramedic, and will be able to assess a patient in order to provide the right treatment for them. You will be able to decide if a patient requires admission to A&E or support from another service, or if they can be discharged at the scene.

You will have been trained in driving safely at high speeds. You may need to get a patient to hospital quickly, whilst the paramedic provides lifesaving treatment to the patient on board.

By working as a Locum, you can choose the shifts that best suit you and your lifestyle.

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Emergency Care Assistant

Emergency Care Assistants (or ECAs) work alongside a paramedic to help them in providing emergency care. As an ECA, you can expect to see all kinds of accidents and emergencies, including strokes, heart attacks and injuries caused during an assault.

You will be trained to use a defibrillator to try to restart a patient’s heart, and will have the knowledge to care for a patient with a suspected spinal injury. No two days are the same as an emergency care assistant.

You will have expert driving skills that allow you to drive quickly, whilst ensuring you and other road users remain safe. You will need to liaise with the ambulance control room staff, doctors, nurses and carers of patients. You will also be in charge of checking that the ambulance is clean and well stocked, ready to take any emergency calls that come in.

Training for this role is often delivered by ambulance service trusts, and takes up to nine weeks to complete.

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Ambulance Care Assistant

Ambulance Care Assistants are sometimes called Patient Transport Service Drivers. This vital role ensures that patients who are elderly, disabled, sick or vulnerable can attend vital medical appointments. This could be a routine outpatient appointment, an admission to hospital for an operation, to get to a day care centre, or for transport home following a hospital admission.

As patients can be unwell, ambulance care assistants need to have good clinical skills in case of a medical emergency during the journey. You will also be required to help patients in and out of the vehicle, including those who remain seated in a wheelchair during transportation.

Some patients may feel anxious or be lonely, and the ambulance care assistant offers much needed reassurance and a friendly face for their ride to hospital.

Working as a Locum may give you the flexibility of work that you require.

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