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At Globe Locums we have a large selection of audiology jobs on a locum and full-time basis. If you're a qualified audiologist seeking a new job opportunity, please take a look at our vacancies.

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An Overview of Audiology

As a qualified audiologist, it is important that you find a permanent or locum job that best suits your career aspirations and personal circumstances. At Globe Locums, our experienced team of recruiters and clinicians work together to assign audiologists to a wide range of healthcare settings worldwide. With a shortage of audiologists in some countries, your skills are in high demand. We offer candidates:

  • Expert advice
  • Access to exclusive audiology jobs in the NHS and private settings
  • A dedicated consultant and compliance officer
  • Weekly payroll

Our range of permanent and locum audiology jobs at Globe Locums might include inpatient services in paediatric and adult settings, including patients with additional needs.

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What is an Audiologist?

Audiology is expanding as a speciality. Around 16% of the population in the UK has significant hearing loss, and some people feel that restoring or improving their hearing is vitally important for their quality of life.

Audiologists work with newborn babies through to the elderly. The newborn hearing screening test assesses babies’ hearing within the first days of life. Audiologists work with adults and children to assess the need for, and to fit, hearing aids. Some audiologists see patients suffering from tinnitus or problems with their balance, and others will help to restore hearing by micro-suctioning the ear canal to remove any wax.

Helping to restore someone’s hearing can be life changing. Reinstating this sense may give patients more confidence and can even help them return to an independent lifestyle. With a job as a locum audiologist, you can make a difference by ensuring more patients are reviewed in outpatient clinics or on the wards.

An audiologist may be asked to perform the following clinical skills:

  • Pure tone testing
  • Bone conduction testing
  • Tympanometry
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Micro-suction
  • Balance investigations

Audiology Qualifications

Audiologists need a BSc degree in healthcare science (audiology). It is vital that anyone applying for an audiology job has good interpersonal skills, including being able to work sensitively and professionally with patients who may have difficulty hearing. You must also be able to communicate effectively with the rest of the audiology team and other healthcare professionals involved in a patient’s care. As a locum, you will want to quickly fit into the team to ensure you can provide the best audiology input to patients. You should be comfortable working with cutting-edge technology and new equipment. Audiologists should take a thoughtful approach when helping patients with new equipment including hearing aids.

Audiology Salary Range

Audiologists usually begin their career earning a minimum of £24,907. In an audiology job there are many opportunities to progress to more senior positions, including clinical science research which can start at £38,890. Further experience can see an audiologist’s salary pushed higher than this.

As a locum audiologist, you can expect to earn a higher day rate than a permanent member of staff. Depending on your level of experience, you could expect to receive around £24-28 per hour. Working as a locum in a specialist role will offer a higher hourly rate. If you work evenings or weekends you could also see an uplift in your pay rate which will vary between hospitals.

Some hospitals have highly specialised audiology departments which offer audiologists the chance to train in a particular area. As a locum audiologist, you may be offered various on-the-job training opportunities including the development of new clinical skills. You may become experienced working with particular groups including children, or adults with learning difficulties.

Learn more about an audiologist salary and what to expect from a career in audiology.

What does a Locum Audiologist do?

Locum audiologists may have the same experience and skill sets as permanent staff members, but there are some differences, too. Locum audiologists can choose their shifts to fit in with their own personal needs, rather than working a fixed on-call rota. Locum audiologists can also choose certain shifts and even hospitals to further their professional experience in different clinical areas. Conversely, staffed audiologists develop good working relationships with patients and other team members over a long period of employment. It is therefore critical that a locum audiologist can quickly develop a good rapport with members of the team. As a locum, you can expect a higher rate of pay and can ensure work fits around the demands of your life.

Audiology Jobs

Globe Locums is delighted to offer a range of excellent locum and permanent audiology jobs for excellent healthcare professionals worldwide. Audiology jobs might include:

  • Diagnostic hearing assessments
  • Hearing aid fittings and follow-ups
  • Domiciliary and community appointments
  • Diagnostic support for ENT
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Children’s hearing services

Key Benefits:

  • Expert advice
  • 100s of Jobs across the UK & Ireland
  • Dedicated Consultant and Compliance Officer
  • £1300 Market Leading Referral Scheme

There has never been a better time to work in Audiology. Due to a shortage in many countries, your skills are in high demand. By utilising Globe's free service you will not only benefit from hearing about all the UK & worldwide opportunities as they become available but you will also benefit from the excellent rates we pay our candidates.

Emma was extremely helpful and very professional. She listened to what I required and found me the perfect job role, which ticked all the boxes. I would highly recommend her and definitely will be working with globe locum in the future.
Fozia, Audiologist

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