Working in the UK as a Audiologist

The UK is on the lookout for a range of healthcare professionals across many specialisations. Audiology is one of these specialisations, and the NHS has many audiology jobs available. Audiologists jobs are needed from London to Glasgow, Cardiff to Manchester and across many areas of the UK. If you are considering moving to the UK from Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else in the world, Globe Locums has a wide range of different audiologist jobs available. Globe Locum is working with hundreds of audiology jobs, whether locum, temporary or permanent. Globe Locums are the ideal starting point for finding an audiology position that meets all your needs. Register now and find a range of suitable audiology jobs in the UK.

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How to register for work in the UK

If you have plans to work in the UK, you must follow the new immigration rules instigated following the UK's exit from the European Union. It does not matter whether you plan to live in the UK permanently or temporarily on a working holiday, you will need to apply for the appropriate work permit in advance of planning your trip. There is also a range of other conditions that need to be met to work as an audiologist in the UK, alongside approved qualifications and relevant experience. Visa choice is also essential, so it is critical to work out which visa you need for your UK application, as some require a formal offer of employment before living and working in the UK. The Youth Mobility Scheme visa is an exception, as will be explained.

The Requirements for audiologists wishing to work in the UK

There are several compulsory requirements for working as an audiologist in the UK, covering qualifications, HCPC registration and the visa requirements, which will be explored below.


There are several routes to becoming a qualified audiologist, either through an approved university degree or an appropriate apprenticeship. If you wish to enter the NHS via a degree, you must qualify through the NHS Practitioner Training Programme [] in healthcare science (audiology). If you want to be an audiologist within the independent sector, you must have an audiology degree accredited by the HCPC []. If you have gained a degree qualification in science, you could sign up for postgraduate NHS Scientist Training []. You could enrol on a hearing aid dispenser higher apprenticeship, which will allow you to operate privately, test hearing and advise and fit hearing aids. Please feel free to contact Globe Locums [ ] at any time, and we will talk through your options and whether your qualifications are suitable for a move to the UK as an audiologist. We can also explore a host of other opportunities that may be available, including further education or a slightly different career direction.

Registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

To supplement the correct qualifications in audiology, registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is required before taking an audiology role. The HCPC establishes whether you meet the standards needed for the position, including checking your proficiency in English which must be at a high level.

Visa types available

A few UK visas are available that are suitable for audiologists and other healthcare professionals, and the choice depends on your circumstances. If you wish to work and live in the UK permanently, the visa will differ from that required for temporary positions. Some of the more common visas are summarised below:

Can I get a permanent visa to work in the UK?

When moving to the UK, you can do so under a skilled worker or health and care worker visa. In both cases, you will have to pay an application fee, and it is a requirement to have a job offer on the table to facilitate a visa being granted. Audiologists relocating to the UK can do so on a holiday visa, allowing the time for applications and interviews in preparation for a permanent working visa, also enabling spouses and dependents to come into the country.

What about temporary visas?

Temporary visas (T5 visas) are available if you wish to move to the UK. Although only some are healthcare-related and suitable for an audiologist, several are obtainable. To gain temporary UK work, you will need to be part of a fellowship programme, train on a government-approved exchange course, or you could apply for the YMS visa.

What is the Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS) visa?

The typical way for younger professionals to work on a temporary basis in the UK is via a two-year visa. The YMS visa [] provides a way to work and live for up to two years in the UK and replaces the working holiday visa. However, due to recent EU changes, fewer countries are covered by the YMS visa than were previously. A job offer is not required to get a YMS visa, although you need to be between 18 and 30 and have £2,530 in savings. On this visa, you cannot bring any family along, including children or a spouse.

Life as an audiologist in the UK

Your experience will depend on the job, the area you work in and your circumstances and expectations, but working in the UK as an audiologist can be a rewarding and fruitful experience. Below are some things to consider when moving to the UK to practise as an audiologist:


You may wish to make longer-term preparations for your accommodation, like purchasing a home, If you permanently plan to stay in the UK. Short-term rental is an option if you plan to work in a temporary position. Some permanent positions or contracted roles offer accommodation or accommodation support as part of the agreement, although this is more usual in short-term assignments. There are many options available for working as a locum in the UK. Many of these positions provide on-site accommodation, while larger clinics or hospitals sometimes advise on temporary housing nearby. Speak with Globe Locums for more information on roles that offer this. If you plan to travel across the UK while working, this may be the best option without being tied into a long term agreement.

Bank accounts

You will usually be required to have a UK based account or some compatible account when you work in the UK. Choosing the right institution is for you to decide, though the easy operation of online banking makes it a viable option. If you plan to stay on a holiday visa, you could choose an international bank account. Our Working Holiday Checklist [] provides advice on banking and a host of other helpful hints and tips.


The average salary for an audiologist in the UK is £39,899 (all income figures quoted are intended as a guide only, but current as of February 2022) (source: The current starting salary for a qualified audiologist is £25,654, and this can reach up to £45,838 for experienced or supervising professionals. Salaries outside of the NHS vary depending on the employer's size, the nature of the work, and the audiologist’s expertise. You can also work at a locum rate or as an hourly temporary worker; pay will vary depending on the employer you select and the urgency of your placement. For more information about locum remuneration, please call our specialist team. Do you dream of moving to the UK from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe or anywhere else in the world? If you do, Globe Locums is the ideal way to find the healthcare jobs you desire. We will always be available to help you find your perfect role. We provide support from temporary placements to long-term career transitions, helping you achieve your goal of finding suitable work in the UK. Register now and discover scores of vacancies in your chosen field.

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