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At Globe Locums we have a large selection of occupational therapy jobs on a locum and permanent basis. If you're a qualified occupational therapist seeking a new job opportunity, please take a look at our vacancies.

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An Overview of Occupational Therapy

At Globe Locums, we have made it our mission to match qualified Occupational Therapists with Locum and permanent Occupational Therapy jobs in the UK and further afield. We are a clinician-led healthcare recruitment agency operating from Central London, United Kingdom. With a global reach, we recruit outstanding Occupational Therapists for contracts around the world. We can offer:

  • Access to hundreds of exclusive Occupational Therapy jobs
  • NHS and Private healthcare work
  • Jobs across the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand
  • A dedicated compliance officer
  • A market leading refer a friend scheme
  • Weekly payroll
  • Expert consultative services.

We have a range of Occupational Therapy job roles across a number of adult and paediatric settings.

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What is an Occupational Therapist?

Occupational Therapists have a unique opportunity to make a difference to a patient’s quality of life. As an allied health professional, this role involves working with patients who have difficulty fulfilling daily activities such as cooking or washing. They may also require help in searching for employment. In order to assist, Occupational Therapists may talk to patients about approaching tasks in a different way, may supply new equipment and can arrange for physical adaptations at home. Adaptations could be as simple as a stair lift to allow someone with mobility problems to remain in their own home. Individuals with mental health concerns may simply require assistance in searching for meaningful voluntary work.

Occupational Therapists may help patients who:

  • Have a physical disability (new or longstanding)
  • Have a learning disability
  • Have mental health issues
  • Have dementia or memory problems

They may also work with children who require assistance with self-care, being productive, or enjoying leisure time.

Candidates working in a Locum Occupational Therapist job role can lead to a varied and interesting professional career for those who choose to work shifts in a number of different specialties or settings.

Occupational Therapy Qualifications

To work as an Occupational Therapist, you must first obtain a degree in Occupational Therapy. To work in the UK, Occupational Therapists must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Patients require practical and purposeful advice that will allow them to live as independently as possible. An Occupational Therapist should keep up to date with new technology or equipment that could help an individual patient.

Patients who see an Occupational Therapist may be frustrated or saddened by the limitations they have experienced in life. As an Occupational Therapist, you should have a caring, compassionate manner and the drive to think laterally to open up possibilities for your patients.

Occupational Therapist Job Salary Range

Those in an Occupational Therapists job earn around £25,000 per annum at the start of their career. This will rise with experience and the addition of new skills. Consultant Occupational Therapists can earn upwards of £53,000 per annum. The hourly rate for a Locum Occupational Therapist job is often higher than for staffed Occupational Therapists. A Locum can expect to earn between £20 and £35 per hour. Uplifted rates are available for Locums who choose to work unsociable hours including nights and weekends. This out of hours work is often available within private healthcare settings. By making the most of the uplifted salary, Locums can earn an excellent wage working fewer hours.

Occupational Therapy is required in many clinical specialties so there is plenty of opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills as a Locum. Greater experience is then likely to lead to even higher rates of pay.

Learn more about Occupational Therapy job salaries and what to expect from a career as an Occupational Therapist.

What does a Locum Occupational Therapist do?

A Locum Occupational Therapist will perform many of the same tasks as a staffed Occupational Therapist. However, there are some differences. Staffed Occupational Therapists spend their time working within one team, and sometimes work with the same caseload of patients for a long time, too. A Locum may work across various Trusts or wards, and therefore will not have had chance to develop the same level or rapport. Locums are therefore good at quickly developing good working relationships with staff and patients, despite often being a new member of the team. If you are considering a Locum Occupational Therapy job, you can view our available positions and read testimonials from our current Locum Occupational Therapists.

Occupational Therapy Jobs

Globe Locums is delighted to offer a wide range of highly respected Occupational Therapy jobs for professionals looking for both Locum and Permanent roles. Occupational Therapy jobs might include:

  • Inpatient reviews prior to discharge
  • Assessment of patients following a stroke
  • Review of patients with dementia
  • Discussing preferences with children and their parents
  • Liaising with family members
  • Helping adults with learning difficulties look for paid or voluntary work
  • Completing home reviews for adaptations and mobility aids.

Key Benefits:

  • Expert advice
  • 100s of Jobs across the UK &Ireland
  • Dedicated Consultant and Compliance Officer
  • £1300 Market Leading Referral Scheme

There has never been a better time to work in Occupational Therapy. Due to a shortage in many countries, your skills are in high demand. By utilising Globe's free service you will not only benefit from hearing about all the UK & world wide opportunities as they become available but you will also benefit from the excellent rates we pay our candidates.

I can’t speak highly enough of Rob and my interactions with him. He set himself apart from any other recruiter I have dealt with in his genuine, friendly and supportive approach throughout. He always maintained a professional, appropriate and respectful level of contact which is rare compared to other recruitment staff I have dealt with. His guidance, support and advice were a significant help, particularly when I had just arrived in the UK and was attempting to navigate the allied health sphere here. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone for assistance with job seeking.
Tom, Band 6 OT, London

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