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At Globe Locums we have a large selection of radiotherapy jobs on a locum and permanent basis. If you're a qualified radiotherapist seeking a new job opportunity, please take a look at our vacancies.

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An Overview of Radiotherapy

Globe Locums is a clinician-led healthcare recruitment agency with a passion for matching qualified radiotherapists with Locum and permanent radiotherapy jobs. We have an international reach and are able to dispatch radiotherapists for contracts around the world. Run by clinicians for clinicians, we offer the finest work opportunities for healthcare professionals around the world. We can offer:

  • Access to hundreds of radiotherapy jobs
  • Preferred supply status with many NHS and private healthcare providers
  • Jobs across the UK and Ireland, as well as further afield
  • A dedicated compliance officer
  • A market leading refer a friend scheme
  • Weekly payroll
  • Expert consultative service.

We have a range of Locum and permanent radiotherapy jobs for suitable candidates in both therapeutic radiography (radiotherapy), and more generally within the diagnostic radiography specialty.

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What is a Radiotherapist?

Radiotherapy is a sub-specialty of radiography. Radiotherapists, or therapeutic radiographers, use doses of x-ray and other ionising radiation to treat illnesses. Patients who require radiotherapy are often being treated for cancer or another form of tumour, with the aim of shrinking the mass. Sometimes radiotherapy is the only treatment that is planned to offer a cure. Some tumours cannot be cured, and so radiotherapy is commenced with the aim of only palliating uncomfortable or dangerous symptoms. At other times, radiotherapy is used to shrink a tumour to make it smaller for surgeons to successfully operate.

Those working in a radiotherapist job role don’t just perform the x-rays, but are involved in meeting the patient pre-treatment to offer advice and information. They also plan the treatments, administer radiotherapy and review the results following treatment. Radiotherapists may be involved in dosimetry and moulding techniques pre-treatment, too.

Some radiotherapy job roles sub-specialise further, becoming experts in a particular type of radiotherapy or a particular organ system. A radiotherapist could specialise in head and neck cancers, spinal tumours, or work purely in paediatrics. Radiotherapists are given exceptional opportunities to work in different areas throughout their career, and this variety can be aided by securing Locum work.

Radiotherapy Qualifications

Radiotherapy is a form of radiography. Some people choose to complete a BSc in Therapeutic Radiography straight away, whilst others can later specialise by “topping-up” a Radiography qualification with a PgDip or MSc in Therapeutic Radiography. To work in the UK, radiotherapists must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Radiotherapists must be good at working in high-pressure situations, with an ability to work with cutting edge technology. Radiotherapists should also have a drive to keep up to date with professional training and development, closely following medical and surgical advances.

Radiotherapy Job Salary Range

A newly qualified radiotherapist is likely to start on around £25,000 per annum. With experience this can rise to over £37,000, with advanced practitioner radiographers earning up to £44,000. Locum radiotherapists can expect to earn a higher hourly rate than those who are permanently staffed within a hospital or treatment centre.

The hourly rate may range from £19 to £40 depending on experience and the location of the role. Radiotherapists can also benefit from an uplifted hourly rate by choosing to work shifts at unsocial hours as a radiotherapist or radiographer, depending on individual qualifications. These shifts may include working overnight, weekends and bank holidays. The standard rate may be uplifted by up to 1.5 times, making it possible to earn an excellent salary working fewer hours than you might as a permanent member of staff. Working as a Locum also offers you the flexibility to travel or fulfil caring responsibilities without being bound by the hospital rota that staffed employees must adhere to. If you are considering a Locum radiotherapy job, you can check out our latest available positions and read testimonials from our current Locum radiotherapists.

Learn more about radiotherapy job salaries and what to expect from a career as a radiotherapist.

What does a Locum Radiotherapist do?

A Locum radiotherapist job role will fulfil many of the same duties as a staffed radiotherapist. Radiotherapists see a patient at all stages of their treatment journey, whilst also working closely with the multi-disciplinary team. Building a good rapport with doctors, nurses, engineers and physicists within the team may be easier for permanent staff members who have time to build relationships. As a Locum, you will need to quickly adapt to working with team members who you may not know well. Many Locums thrive on working within new situations. The flexibility of your working patterns and higher hourly rate often outweigh the benefits of permanent working patterns for many who choose to complete Locum work on a long-term basis.

Radiotherapy Jobs

Globe Locums is proud to offer a range of highly respected Locum and permanent radiotherapy jobs in a range of sub-specialties. Radiotherapy jobs might include:

  • Pre-treatment radiotherapy
  • Treatment radiotherapy
  • Medical physicist
  • Mould Room jobs
  • Dosimetry
  • Radiotherapy applications specialist

Key Benefits:

  • Expert advice
  • 100s of Jobs across the UK & Ireland
  • Dedicated Consultant and Compliance Officer
  • £1300 Market Leading Referral Scheme

There has never been a better time to work in Radiotherapy. Due to a shortage in many countries, your skills are in high demand. By utilising Globe's free service you will not only benefit from hearing about all the UK & world wide opportunities as they become available but you will also benefit from the excellent rates we pay our candidates.

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