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What is a Sterile Services Technician?

Sterile Services Technicians, also referred to as Central Service Technicians, ensure that all reusable medical and surgical instruments, from Theatres or Wards, are clean and sterile for reuse during patient procedures.

Sterilization duties can also include the restocking of items such as dressings, needles and syringe supplies.

Typically a CSSD technician (Central Sterile Services Department) collects, disassembles, disinfects and reassembles medical equipment, delivering back to the appropriate department within the hospital. These medical instruments or devices can include:

  • Scalpel handles
  • Artery forceps
  • Orthopaedic drills
  • Dental instruments
  • Implanted medical devices used in surgery

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Salary Range

Sterile Services Technicians can expect to earn £15,000 to £18,000 on starting their career in the NHS. There is scope for development and with experience, there is potential to increase to £22,500 per annum.

As a Locum Sterile Services Technician, you can expect to earn a slightly higher hourly rate than a permanent staff member. Hourly rates are typically £12-16ph, but with some roles offering up to £20ph.


To become a Sterile Services Technician, High School Qualifications are a pre-requisite. Thereafter, an Institute of Decontamination Sciences (IDSc) Technical Certificate, NVQ 3 Decontamination or Apprenticeship, will help you enter into an NHS facility as a technician.

As a Sterile Services Technician you make a valuable and important contribution to the delivery of a high-quality decontamination service. Your role is to support the departmental needs of reprocessing and delivery of all instruments and equipment, used to provide medical and surgical procedures. The Hospital and Decontamination Unit often provides a service to main theatres, day unit and various clinics, GP's and external contacts through the NHS.

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  • Dedicated Consultant and Compliance Officer
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