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An Overview of Operating Department Practitioners

Operating department practitioners play a significant role in the operating room, as well as before and after operations. As an ODP, your skilled work and professional training ensure patients experience the highest standards of care. Working alongside a surgical team ensures that patients are supported, from working with anaesthetists to offering professional help during and after surgery.

At Globe Locums, we have a wide range of different ODP jobs available to trained professionals. Whether you are an experienced operating department practitioner looking for a new permanent or locum job, or a freshly qualified ODP looking to start your career, we can help. With frequently updated job listings and vacancies across the UK, we can support you in finding the right career path in the right place. View our operating department practitioner jobs below or read on for more information about ODP opportunities.

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What is an operating department practitioner?

An operating department practitioner provides support to the surgical team and patient during operations. Your role is to act as the link between the surgical team, the operating theatre and the wider hospital the ensure your patients receive the highest standard of care from anaesthetic through to recovery. The majority of the ODP role involves perioperative care, requiring you to have a high level of knowledge and insight into the equipment, tools and instruments used for surgery and anaesthesia.

A career as an operating department practitioner is ideal for individuals interested in the surgical side of medicine. There are also opportunities to carry out further training in management, clinical research, or education with this career path. ODP can also be a stepping stone to further training in anaesthesia, surgical care, and critical care roles.

What are the responsibilities of an operating department practitioner?

As an operating department practitioner, the core responsibility you will have is to provide professional support in each phase of a patient's operation. This is known as perioperative care and includes three steps:


Before surgery, ODPs support and help patients, working alongside anesthesiologists to prepare specialist equipment and drugs necessary to prep for an operation. Strong knowledge of all the machines plus intravenous and breathing equipment is required to provide this level of care.


During surgery, an ODP is responsible for the preparation of equipment and instruments. Flexibility is needed to meet the requirements of the surgical team, and a quick response is required to provide the correct equipment and tools as and when needed throughout the surgery. The operating department practitioner may also report on surgery to other hospital departments and other staff working in operating theatres.


Following surgery, ODPs continue to offer support with monitoring and treatment during recovery from the anaesthetic. The ODP will also assess the patient to determine whether they can safely be discharged back into the care of a specific ward or department.

While the specifications of an operating department practitioner role may vary, the fundamentals are the same. As an ODP, you'll be required to carry out surgical-adjacent tasks to a high standard to support the patient and ensure surgery is as efficient and smooth as possible.

What skills do you need to be an ODP?

The role of an operating department practitioner is twofold. You'll need to be able to understand and retain information about treatments, equipment, and machinery to carry out the role effectively. You'll also need to have excellent communication skills. Being able to communicate effectively with patients and other professional peers is a requirement for ODP roles.

In locum environments that may be unfamiliar, it is also important to be able to adapt quickly and be able to identify the people you need to communicate with. Finally, it is also vital to have good attention to detail and strong observation skills, particularly in the recovery phase following surgery.

What are the entry requirements for an operating department practitioner?

If you are not yet qualified as an ODP, achieving a relevant diploma or degree is the first step. Once you have completed your academic education, you can apply to register with the Health and Care Professions Council to practice as an operating department practitioner. Alternatively, you can qualify through a degree apprenticeship, where you work throughout your qualification to complete your training.

How do I get a career as an operating department practitioner?

If you are fully qualified as an operating department practitioner and fully registered with the HCPC, you are free to apply for careers in this unique field. OPDs work both within the NHS and as part of private medical facilities, giving you plenty of opportunities to choose the line of work that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

Using an agency like Globe Locums is the ideal way to see what roles are on offer. Whether you're willing to travel or prefer to stay local, using an online agency to find a job is the ideal way to start a career. If you're already an established specialist, an agency can give you the chance to explore other exciting opportunities available to you.

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At Globe Locums, we pride ourselves on listing a comprehensive selection of different medical career opportunities across the UK. If you are a qualified operating department practitioner looking for the next step in your career, we can support you in finding the ideal role. Our specialist team can pair you with the right job for your individual needs, from permanent positions to locum and temporary roles. Whether you're moving across the country or considering your options for your career, Globe Locums can help you find the next best position.

If you are freshly qualified as an ODP or have plans to qualify shortly, our Central London-based agency can help you get a head start on your career. We work with hundreds of medical professionals every year with a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels, helping them source the ideal role. Browse our range of opportunities below or get in touch with our skilled team to learn more about the jobs available to you.

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