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So you're coming to the UK? Your Visas sorted, you've given notice to your job and at least a couple of years of travel and adventure awaits, all while earning great rates of pay with flexible contracts working with us.

A common concern we hear is "but what about my career at home. Will my time away hinder my career and the momentum I've generated in it so far"

The short answer is no it won't. If anything, working in the UK's NHS and private sector will allow you to develop new skills and ways of working, while applying the incredible training and development you've received back home. We believe this means you will go back to your respective country of abode with enriched skills and a higher level of expertise.

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Level up your career after your working holiday

As we recognise that you'll leave your UK Working Holiday experience a better version of yourself, we believe your career back home should recognise this and reward you accordingly. More often than not though candidates returning back to the jobs they left do not experience as much of an increase in salary as if they found a new position. Indeed over 70% of candidates we surveyed who returned to their original roles reported less than a 5% increase in salary and benefits. This is in stark contrast to candidates we surveyed who took new roles at new organisations when they returned. These candidates reported a staggering + 20% average increase in salary and benefits. Globe Boomerang aims to ensure you receive the remuneration you deserve after returning from your UK working holiday.

We do this following the below simple steps:

  • When your UK visa is 12 months away from expiry we will book in a free career consultation with you. This is designed to understand what your career and remuneration goals are when you return home.

  • Once we've got this information we will locate suitable contracts or permanent roles in the locations you'd like to work. We aim to have at least 3 options for you to discuss by the time your visa is 6 months from expiry.

  • We will negotiate to ensure you receive the package befitting your new level of experience plus any additional benefits which could include your flight home, free accommodation, relocation allowance to a golden hello.

I decided to use Globe to find my role back home in WA. I was going to go back to my old job where I had a guarantee of a job after my trip to the uk. I’m so pleased I did. I was able to secure a new role, much higher basic salary and my new employer even paid for my relocation costs. All thanks to Globe
Brendan, Radiographer

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