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At Globe, our market-leading referral scheme allows our candidates to earn rewards for recommending our services to their friends and colleagues, as well as help “Making Earth Cooler” We understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, so at Globe, our referral scheme gives you both money and trees! ‪For every referral you provide to us on top of the lucrative fee you will earn a minimum of £250 we will also grow a tree on your behalf.

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AHP & HSS Rewards

The way our AHP & HSS referral scheme works is simple and provides big rewards! When you introduce a candidate to us who is not on our database and we are successful in placing them, and they have worked approximately 200 hours, we will pay you a minimum of £250*. After that, the payment scale ascends so after the third referral; you would receive £1300* overall. *T&Cs apply.

  • £250 - 1st Referral
    1st Referral
  • £450 - 2nd Referral
    2nd Referral
  • £600 - 3rd Referral
    3rd Referral

Referring just 3 friends or colleagues could earn you £1300.

Nursing & Midwifery Rewards

Our Nursing & Midwifery referral scheme is rewarding and straightforward. After qualifying referrals have worked a minimum of 250 hours, we will pay you between £100 - £250. Our Referral Bonus Scheme is uncapped so please help make your friends, our friends!

  • £200 - Greater London Nurses
    Greater London Nurses
  • £250 - Rest of UK Nurses
    Rest of UK Nurses
  • £100 - Healthcare Assistants
    Healthcare Assistants

Also, don't forget - You are not limited to only referring within your profession, you can refer candidates from all healthcare professions we deal with including; Allied Health & Doctors.

Let’s fight climate change together

We have teamed up with WeForest to help end global warming in our lifetime! ‪WeForest is a non-profit association with a global reach, whose focus is on halting Global Warming through large-scale reforestation projects in tropical countries.

Lots of Trees

For every referral, we grow a new tree

We believe in sustainability and doing our bit. That’s why with every referral our community makes to us, we plant a tree in partnership with WeForestTM

That’s right, for every referral we receive (they don’t even need to be placed by us), we will plant a tree on your behalf. This means you can start making a positive impact towards the planet while also benefitting from our generous reward scheme.

  • 1 Tree

    1 Tree

    Provides enough oxygen supply for up to four people for a day.

  • 20 Trees

    20 Trees

    Sequester enough C02 to offset a one-way flight from London to Sydney.

  • 50 Trees

    50 Trees

    Offsets emissions for the average person in the UK for a whole year.

It all starts with you...

Say you refer 1 friend or colleague to us and they, in turn, refer a friend who also refers a friend. You will have been responsible for 3 trees being grown and earned £250. Now, if you were to refer 3 friends, they each refer 3 people, who in turn refer 3 people. Here your initial impact will lead to 39 trees being grown and you will earn £1,300!.

So from a single sapling (or 3!) a forest can grow.

  • 1 x Referral Sequence
  • 2 x Referral Sequence
  • 3 x Referral Sequence
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