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At Globe Locums, we are proud to match orthotists and prosthetists with a range of Locum and permanent jobs across the UK and beyond. We have specialist orthotics and prosthetics jobs in a range of healthcare settings. As a healthcare recruitment agency consisting of clinicians and professional recruiters, we understand how important it is to match the right candidate with the right job. We offer a range of NHS and private orthotist and prosthetist jobs, including roles for orthotic technicians and prosthetic technicians.

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As an orthotist, you can look forward to a rewarding career where every day presents new and fascinating learning opportunities. Orthotists specialise in using devices, or orthoses, to correct problems caused by nerve, muscle or bone issues. Your tasks might include treating children with cerebral palsy, or adult patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. The aim is to improve the everyday function of a patient’s body so that they can maintain a good quality of life and independent living where possible.

To gain this career, you’ll need a degree in orthotics and registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

As a range of conditions can be treated by an orthotist, you could specialise in treating adults with arthritis, teenagers with spine deformities or patients with diabetic foot ulcers. As you see your patients’ lives improve thanks to your input, you’ll be sure to feel a sense of personal reward. You can also branch out into different areas of orthotics, offering career diversity and endless learning opportunities.

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Orthotic Technician

As an orthotic technician, you’ll work closely with an orthotist to manufacture orthoses including splints, braces and special insoles or footwear.

You may work with a wide range of patients including those with spina bifida, spine curvatures, cerebral palsy, and arthritis. You may also work with patients after they have had a stroke.

The orthosis you create should work to help restore a patient’s physical function, correct deformity and relieve any discomfort.

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A prosthetist works to improve a patient’s quality of life and range of function in a different way to an orthotist. A prosthetist works to create prostheses, or artificial replacements, for missing limbs.

As a prosthetist you may be involved in assessing patients and their current level of function, before measuring, designing and fitting a prosthesis that will improve their quality of life. This could be a lower limb prosthetic or even a smart hand prosthetic.

Patients may lose a limb as a result of cancer, an accident, or due to diabetes or another medical condition. Some patients will be born without a limb. Prosthetists are sensitive to the level of function each individual patient will require. Losing a limb is always traumatic for a patient, and you’ll be providing them with an immeasurable amount of functional and emotional improvement by giving them their mobility back.

You’ll need a degree in prosthetics and registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). There is plenty of scope for specialising, and by working as a Locum you may be able to develop skills in your preferred area more quickly.

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Prosthetic Technician

Prosthetic technicians work closely with a prosthetist to fit artificial arms or legs to patients who are missing a limb. The patient’s limb may have been missing at birth, or they may have lost it in an accident or due to a medical condition. Some patients have to have limbs amputated as a result of diabetes or deformity, which can be very stressful and difficult to adjust to. As there are many different types of patients to work with, you could specialise in a particular area of prosthetics. As a Locum, you may find it easier to work in roles that match your career interests or to swap to a different role whenever you feel the need for change.

A prosthetic technician designs and creates an artificial limb that closely resembles the missing limb. The limb should also be suitable for the patient’s needs. An athlete may require a sports prosthesis, whereas another patient may want an artificial limb for cosmetic purposes.

Good communication skills are required to ensure that the prosthetic meets the patient’s needs.

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