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At Globe Locums we have a large selection of MRI Radiography jobs on a locum and full-time basis. If you're a qualified MRI Radiographer seeking a new job opportunity, please take a look at our vacancies.

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An Overview of MRI Radiography

Globe Locums is proud to match specialised Radiographers with locum and permanent MRI Radiography jobs in their chosen field. We are a clinician-led healthcare recruitment agency. This means we are able to combine the knowledge and experience of clinicians with the skills of professional recruiters to find the right Radiographer for the role. We operate primarily out of Central London, UK, with a pipeline of highly specialised Radiographers, including MRI Radiographers, ready to work around the world. We offer:

  • Access to MRI radiography jobs
  • Contracts within NHS and Private healthcare providers
  • Jobs across the UK and Ireland, as well as further afield in Australia and New Zealand
  • A dedicated compliance officer
  • A market leading refer a friend scheme
  • Weekly payroll
  • Expert consultative service.

For Radiographers who have already found a preference for MRI imaging techniques, Globe Locums can offer locum or permanent MRI Radiography job opportunities.

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What is an MRI Radiographer

Radiographers are already highly trained healthcare professionals. Using specialist equipment and software, a radiographer can capture images of the internal structures of the body including bones, muscles and organs. Some radiographers choose to specialise in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). An MRI uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to capture very detailed images of the body.

An MRI is required when simpler forms of imaging, such as x-ray or CT scanning will not produce images of high enough definition. Having a scan can feel quite intrusive for patients. The procedure involves lying on a narrow bed and then being moved inside the narrow tunnel of the scanner. Some patients may find this makes them feel very claustrophobic and even panic-stricken. The scan is also very noisy with loud clicks and knocking noises. An MRI radiographer job role candidate must have an excellent bedside manner to put patients at ease. As the patient is alone in the room during the scan, a radiographer must be able to offer reassurance and information remotely. A calm, still patient will ensure the MRI quality is of the highest standard.

A patient may be referred for MRI for imaging of:

  • A suspected tumour
  • Complex long-term conditions including brain injuries
  • Aneurysms
  • Bones or joints causing pain
  • Organs with poor function, such as the liver or kidneys.

Working as an MRI radiographer allows for plenty of variety in the medical conditions you may be investigating each day.
MRI Radiography Qualifications

All radiographers study for a BSc in Diagnostic Radiography, and must be registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professionals Council). MRI scanning is complex but can provide superb images for clinicians to work from. MRI radiographers must therefore have acute attention to detail, patience and the drive to succeed. It is possible to specialise further within MRI radiography, for example focusing on paediatrics or oncology. In this fast-changing field, ongoing professional training is essential for MRI radiographers.

MRI Radiography Job Salary Range

An MRI radiographer may already have started to climb the Agenda for Change pay scale before specialising in MRI. Salaries may therefore range from £40,000 to £52,000 per annum depending on location and experience. Locums can expect a good hourly rate, which may be higher than that of a permanent member of staff. Hourly rates can be £25 - £38 per hour, rising with experience. MRI can be required for emergency situations, and locums who choose to work nights or weekend shifts can expect an uplift in their hourly rate. This may be up to 1.5 times the standard rate.

What does a Locum MRI Radiographer do?

A locum MRI radiographer will fulfil many of the same clinical skills as a staffed member of the team. Locums may be expected to scan individuals attending as outpatients, but can also be involved in scanning inpatients. These scans can be done in emergency, or life-threatening, situations.

MRI radiographers may choose to specialise in cardiac scanning, performing Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) scans. It is also possible to specialise in neurological scanning, which may be required pre- or post- operatively.

If you have decided to specialise in MRI, working as a locum can be a great way to develop new skills and ensure you work within your chosen specialty on a regular basis.

MRI Radiography Jobs

At Globe Locums, our permanent and locum MRI radiographer jobs might include working in:

  • Cardiac services to aid decisions regarding arterial stenting
  • Paediatrics for children with complex conditions or malignancies
  • Emergency Medicine where seriously ill patients require investigation
  • Neurology for assessment of dementia, strokes or tumours
  • Orthopaedics to review complex fractures or degenerative musculoskeletal conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Expert advice
  • 100s of Jobs across the UK & Ireland
  • Dedicated Consultant and Compliance Officer
  • £1300 Market Leading Referral Scheme

There has never been a better time to work in MRI Radiography. Due to a shortage in many countries, your skills are in high demand. By utilising Globe Locum's free service you will not only benefit from hearing about all  the UK & world wide opportunities as they become available but you  will also benefit from the excellent rates we pay our candidates.

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