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At Globe Locums we have a large selection of Mammography jobs on a locum and full-time basis. If you're a qualified Mammographer seeking a new job opportunity, please take a look at our vacancies.

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An Overview of Mammography

If you are considering finding a Locum Mammography job, we’re pleased to inform you that there is an abundance of Mammography jobs available both in the UK and overseas. At Globe, we are able to match specialist Mammographers with Locum & Permanent Mammography jobs spanning a multitude of countries and healthcare settings. We are based in London and have a global reach and intelligent pipeline of Mammographers to assign Mammography jobs to. As a Locum Mammographer with Globe, you benefit from a number of unique advantages, including:

  • Access to hundreds of exclusive Mammography jobs
  • Preferred Supply Status with many NHS & Private Healthcare Providers
  • Jobs Across the UK & Ireland
  • A dedicated Compliance Officer
  • A Market Leading Refer A Friend Scheme
  • Weekly Payroll
  • Expert Consultative Service

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What is Mammography?

Mammography can also be known as mastography and is the process of X-raying human breast tissue for diagnostic and screening purposes. A mammographer will aim to detect early signs of breast cancer, either after a patient detects a problem or as part of routine screening. The mammographer looks for microcalcifications which, if left untreated, could spread. When undertaking a Mammography job, you will be required to have a sensitive approach to patient care. You’ll need to ensure that you prepare the patient for the procedure in an empathic way, as mammograms can be distressing for patients to attend. A mammographer will place the breast tissue inside a flat X-ray plate and then take images of the inside of the breast. They then examine the images and look for abnormalities, or explanations for any lumps or breast changes, such as a cyst.

Mammographers work as part of a multi-disciplined team and will need to share their reports and findings with other professionals to ensure continuity of care. As most people who attend breast screening are over the age of 40, and most breast cancers occur in women over the age of 70, it is important that a Mammographer has a gender-inclusive, sensitive approach to patient care, not discounting the human element. As you will see women’s breasts, it is important that you can help them to feel comfortable during the procedure.

Mammographer Qualifications

To become a Mammographer and gain access to some fantastic Mammography jobs with Globe, you must first ensure you have a degree in Radiology or embark upon an appropriate degree apprenticeship. You will then need to do a post-graduate training programme in Mammography and pass a certification exam. You must gain experience working under a trained Mammographer before undertaking work independently. Developing your communication skills is a must when it comes to finding a Mammography job, as you will be dealing with patients for much of your time, and therefore must be able to explain and reassure with confidence and clarity. Finally, you must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council following your graduation. This registration must be completed before you undertake any patient care or Mammography jobs.

Mammographer Job Salary Range

The salary range of a new Mammographer can range anywhere from £22,000-£27,000. The average wage for an established Mammographer is £37,000 and there is room for progression beyond that. Locum Mammography job pay rates can start from £26 or be as much as £40 per hour depending on specialism and band. The rates at the evening and weekend are usually 1.3 to 1.5 times the standard Mammography job hourly rate. However, this can vary from hospital to hospital. With experience and add-on training, Mammographers can enjoy pay rises over the course of their careers.

What does a Locum Mammographer do?

Locum Mammographers will have the same job responsibilities as Mammographers who are on-staff, but will not necessarily have the same shift patterns. On-staff Mammographers will have had many years to cultivate relationships with patients and staff, whereas Locum Mammographers must be able to hit the ground running and pick up workloads where they have been left off. Locum Mammographers benefit from the advantage of choosing their own shift patterns so can fit the role around other responsibilities.

Locum Mammography jobs are also typically paid at a higher hourly rate. As Mammography is in high demand across all hospitals, you will be able to explore different locations and hospitals without feeling restricted to one place. At Globe, we offer a wide range of Locum Mammography jobs across the UK and beyond.

Key Benefits:

  • Expert advice
  • 100s of Jobs across the UK & Ireland
  • Dedicated Consultant and Compliance Officer
  • £1300 Market Leading Referral Scheme

There has never been a better time to work in Mammography. Due to a shortage in many countries, your skills are in high demand. By utilising Globe Locum's free service you will not only benefit from hearing about all  the UK & world wide opportunities as they become available but you will also benefit from the excellent rates we pay our candidates.

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