The benefits of being a locum occupational therapist in the UK

1 August 2022  •  Locum
The benefits of being a locum occupational therapist in the UK

The present shortage of medical professionals, the need for travel and exploration, and the quest for a better life are all factors that could motivate you as an occupational therapist to seek greener pastures in the UK. This article explores the benefits of being an Occupational Therapist in the UK, what your options are, and where to begin searching for the best occupational therapy jobs in the UK.

The nature of occupational therapy work

An occupational therapist is a medical professional who helps patients develop, recover, or improve mobility after an injury or illness and maintain the skills necessary for performing daily activities. Considering the huge number of recovering patients and the many scenarios in which they need help, the demand for occupational therapy is significantly high. When you factor in the shortage of medical professionals across the country, you’ll realise the vast potential for career advancement and remuneration.

There is a degree of flexibility in the approach occupational therapists take. Since they work in different places such as sports, rehabilitation, and children’s centres, there is a break from the monotony other medical professionals face in hospitals. An occupational therapist is also in charge of formulating treatment plans for their patients, reviewing them, and making changes depending on their progress.

Benefits of taking locum work in the UK


Locum work is more flexible than the typical set day or night shift hours. It gives you more of a chance to choose your availability to specific hours in a day and even pick which days of the week you’ll work. This frees you up to participate in other activities, such as studying, another side hustle, or to work multiple positions throughout the week. In addition, you’ll pick which areas in occupational therapy to work in, to improve your skills, gain new skills, or because you love such work.


The routine of permanent employment can take its toll on your occupational therapy career. Locum work offers a chance to see it differently, to engage in work you had not done before, work in new teams and new environments. That refreshment may be what you need to renew your interest in this career.

A chance to travel

One of the primary motivations for searching for the best occupational therapy jobs in the UK is the chance to travel, see the world from a different perspective and explore other cultures. This alone should motivate you to excel in your career, further improving your prospects.

Better pay

The shortage and high demand for medical professionals in the UK dramatically improve your chances of earning significantly more than you currently are. In addition, there is often a part-time nature in locum work, meaning you can hold two or more positions, depending on your schedule, which can further improve your earnings.

More experience

Working abroad, in different medical facilities or sectors, using different equipment and interacting with medical professionals with diverse training exposes you to plenty of new information and opportunities. These experiences help improve your skills and knowledge, making you more proficient and experienced in your job.

Industry connections

As you interact with other medical professionals from other countries, you’ll forge lasting and respectful working relationships that may come in handy down the line. Whether you wish to visit another country, consult on complex cases, or go into business together to explore different opportunities, your trust will help make such plans a reality.

What are the best occupational therapy jobs in the UK?

The best occupational therapy jobs in the UK are found through a trusted healthcare recruitment agency. What does trusted mean? While there are many channels and recruitment agencies you can use, you’re better off dealing with one that understands your profession and knows precisely what you need when seeking locum work abroad.

First, check whether the agency is Framework approved. Such approval gives medical facilities confidence that they receive candidates eligible to work there. The agency will ensure you have the proper security clearances, all your documentation is checked and above board, your references check out, your licences are valid, and payment terms are discussed. Additionally, the agency will inform you of the latest vacancies available and help you in the application process.

Next, ensure the recruitment agency is specialised in handling medical professionals. A general recruitment agency may not understand the intricacies and special requirements of an occupational therapist position. A healthcare recruitment agency founded by medical professionals, on the other hand, knows what you need, how to place you in the correct position, and what you need as you prepare for such work.

You also need to prepare well to qualify for the best occupational therapy jobs in the UK. The first step is to apply for a skilled worker visa. The agency will guide you on what paperwork you need to ensure your application is successful. Be especially keen on registering with the Health and Care Professional Council, as this makes it legal to practise occupational therapy in the country.

How much does an occupational therapist make?

Several factors such as the medical facility you end up in, location, qualifications, and experience influence how much you’ll earn. Typically, occupational therapist professionals make £25-£40 per hour. Your skills, knowledge, professionalism, and experience gained along the way will improve your earnings over time. Remember, the more opportunities you take up and the more hours you work, the more you’ll earn and learn.


Working locum occupational therapy jobs presents many opportunities to earn more, add to your experience, improve your skills, and gain new skills and insights. In addition, travelling to the UK for work opens you to the world, exposing you to new cultures and lifestyles. All this is possible if you rely on a competent healthcare recruitment agency for your locum placement. Get in touch with us, and let us help you expertly handle the complexities of the recruitment process.

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