What are 10 flexible jobs that allow you to travel?

26 June 2022  •  Locum
What are 10 flexible jobs that allow you to travel?

Being stuck behind a desk from 9 to 5 can be tedious sometimes, especially when you aspire to explore new cities and different cultures worldwide. Incorporating travel into your life can benefit your career as it fosters creativity, resiliency, empathy and other valuable skills in any workplace. Some jobs are long-term, while others are locum jobs that allow break-ins between assignments. Various long-term and locum jobs allow you to travel across the world.

In this blog, we'll discuss ten flexible jobs that allow you to travel as you work to help you get out there and start adventuring.

Some locum travel jobs require extensive training and education, while others usually provide on-the-job experience. You can also find a job that allows you to travel based on your interests and skills. When you are a freelancer or your employer allows you to work remotely, you can work anywhere. You can either choose to work at home or work as you travel. Here are some of the jobs that allow you to travel consistently:

1. Healthcare chef

A healthcare chef is just like any other regular chef and performs duties like any other chef, including preparing healthy meals for patients and workers and assisting with the clean-up after work. A healthcare chef can be an excellent locum job for people who wish to travel, but it also requires hard work and long hours. Healthcare chefs typically work every day of the week, going for a couple of months with two-week or three-week breaks.

2. Pharmacist

If you are a certified pharmacist and looking for your next opportunity out there, then a travel pharmacist role will suit you. Pharmacists ensure that prescribed medication is suitable for individual patients. You can work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and care facilities to supervise pharmacy technicians and pharmacy interns to boost productivity. A locum pharmacist can earn between £19 to £40 per hour, depending on the job role and experience.

3. Biomedical scientist

Biomedical scientists usually work in laboratories in hospitals and carry out a variety of tests that help with the diagnosis and treatment of patients. They typically conduct blood tests and other fluids with the help of report systems and microscopes to determine the cause of a disease. Locum biomedical scientists can earn up to £50 per hour depending on the job's role, location, and experience.

4. English teacher

If you are a native English speaker and have basic teaching skills, you can be an English teacher abroad. The primary requirements for an English teacher are usually a bachelor's degree and some teaching experience. English teachers usually perform a mix of English as a Second Language (ESL) and primary teacher duties such as teaching students how to read, write and communicate in English. English teachers also write reports and create, administer and grade exams. Most English teaching jobs abroad are locum jobs with contracts that range from two months to two years. Locum teachers can earn more than permanent ones, an estimate of £100-£200 per day depending on the experience and specific responsibilities of the role.

5. Sonographer

A sonographer uses specialised equipment to capture images of the internal organs of a patient's body. The doctors usually give them diagnostic orders, and they provide the physician with their reports which helps healthcare professionals to diagnose and heal certain internal illnesses. A locum sonographer might expect to earn £40-55 an hour even with a few years of experience.

6. Social worker

Social workers usually help to provide their clients with the resources and support they need in their lives. In a medical setting, social workers mainly help patients with terminal illnesses. They advocate for their patients to access medical treatment to improve their wellbeing.

7. Travel nurse

One of the best ways to travel across the world and help people at the same time is by being a travel nurse. Travel nurses perform duties that regular nurses perform, including observing patients' vitals, administering medicine to patients, maintaining patient records and general care to patients. Most travel nurses’ jobs are locum nursing jobs; hence, they work temporarily in hospitals and clinics with a staff shortage. Travel nurse locum jobs can have contracts ranging between 8 weeks and 2 years. Travel nurses usually work 40 hours a week in 4 10-hour shifts.

8. Physical therapist

A physical therapist assesses patients and develops treatment plans to help the patient move comfortably. They teach their parents how to perform different exercises with care so that patients can be a large part of their healing journey. Locum physiotherapy pay rates range from £18-£35 per hour depending on your experience, and you can earn more if you work weekends, evening and night shifts.

9. Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists assist patients with skills that can help them in their everyday life. They use specialised equipment, train the patient how to use it, and write the patient's progress with the equipment. Occupational therapists help patients with dementia, mental health issues, learning disabilities and new or longstanding physical disability. Locum occupational therapists can pay up to £42 per hour.

10. Surgeon

A surgeon performs procedures and operations on a patient. They meet with patients before surgery and consult with other medical personnel about a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan that can help them with recovery. A locum surgeon can earn £48 to £120 an hour, depending on the role and experience.

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