The best paying travel nurse jobs in the UK

27 April 2021  •  Locum
The best paying travel nurse jobs in the UK

The idea of travel is high on many people’s bucket list. We all dream of taking up an adventure and seeing a completely new part of the world. However, travelling comes with many hidden costs that can make it hard for most people to achieve. Luckily, many industries, including healthcare, will offer travel jobs that allow medical professionals to temporarily work in the country that they are travelling to. This is a great opportunity for people who dream of travelling but can’t afford to go without a regular wage. 
UK locum nursing jobs are almost always available for anyone who is qualified to enter. Becoming a travel nurse is a great way to experience the UK, earn money whilst you travel and use your skills to make a difference. This article will explain the duties of a travel nurse and outline the best paying travel nurse jobs in the UK.

What is a travel nurse?

Travel nurses work in temporary positions to fill staff shortages so that hospitals and other care facilities can run smoothly. Nursing locum agencies are often looking for travel nurses to fill the positions of permanent staff members who may be on leave for a period of time. Travel nurses may be required to work in various locations around the UK, so it is a great way to experience the country.

Travel nurses will carry out the same duties as regular nurses within the industry, so candidates must meet the criteria for UK nursing jobs to be successful. As a travel nurse, you can expect to be carrying out a variety of different tasks in the ward that you are assigned to; no day will be exactly the same! There are many different nursing jobs available in the UK, you may be assigned to a busy hospital, an elderly care home or even a mental health ward.

What are the benefits of being a travel nurse?

Working as a travel nurse for a nursing locum agency is an exciting role that allows visitors to experience the UK whilst earning money. Although nursing is definitely not a walk in the park, you will never be short of things to do. There are in fact many benefits of working as a travel nurse.


Working whilst you travel means that you are able to grow your experience. Nursing locum agencies will assign travel nurses to a variety of care facilities, so you have the opportunity to try your hand in an area that you’ve never worked in before. Working in the UK also offers the chance to learn new skills from many highly qualified professionals in the healthcare system, which will allow you to enhance your knowledge and skill set. Locum nursing jobs will look impressive on any CV; the experience will help you to stand out from competitors at future job interviews.

Making a difference

Travel nurses are an important part of any health care team, as they provide support when gaps appear within the staff. Healthcare in the UK follows mandatory nurse-patient ratios, which ensure that there are always enough nurses on hand to provide the highest level of care to patients. Following these ratios leads to increased safety and lower mortality of patients, which is a fundamental aim within any healthcare service. Travel nurses play an essential role in making sure that these ratios are met. As a travel nurse, you will be able to leave work each day knowing that you have made a huge difference to the care of your patients, which is great for self-esteem.

What qualifications do travel nurses require?

To apply for UK nursing jobs, you will need to hold a nursing degree from a university. Acceptable degrees include an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BDN).

You will then need to complete the NCLEX-RN to secure a license that will allow you to practice in the UK. Many nursing locum agencies will also require 1 year of relevant nursing work experience and the ability to speak English fluently.

Nurses who would like to undergo locum work are required to be registered with the NMC and must have a minimum of 6 months experience working unsupervised within the NHS.

What are the best paying travel nurse jobs in the UK?

Locum nursing jobs are popular in the UK and there are many agencies to choose from when considering the role. It is always best to carry out thorough research of all the jobs that are available so that you are fully prepared to commit to the work involved. All nursing jobs will require similar qualifications but can have slightly different salaries, sick pay and benefits.

A newly qualified nurse in the UK will earn around £24,904, but this figure can rise, with the average nursing salary being around £33,384. Of course, travel nurses may only fill short assignments, so your earnings will depend on the length of time that you work in the UK.

In the UK, the highest paying nursing jobs will often be within the private healthcare sector, however, the benefits of working in this sector may not be as good as with the NHS. Agencies will recruit travel nurses for a variety of positions, so if you want a high paying role, it may be worth asking to be placed in a private healthcare service.

The NHS provides exceptional benefits for all staff, including travel nurses. These benefits can make a huge difference to overall finances and often make up for the slightly lower pay rate. The benefits that you can expect to receive from the NHS include increased pay for unsociable hours, sick pay, annual leave and flexible working.

Globe Locums is a specialist healthcare recruitment service that works with a range of healthcare providers across the UK. The company offers jobs in a variety of health care divisions and regularly updates their job page, making it easy for aspiring locum professionals to find a job through the site. The team are also on hand to answer any questions that you may have about working as a locum in the UK.

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