Working in the UK as a Speech Therapist

The UK needs healthcare specialists with a broad range of expertise. Speech and language therapy is a discipline where temporary and permanent NHS jobs are available across the UK. Jobs for qualified speech and language therapists, speech pathology specialists and speech and language therapy assistants are sought after across the UK from London to Manchester and Cardiff to Edinburgh.

Relocating to the United Kingdom from anywhere in the world is made easy with Globe Locums, who offer an extensive range of speech and language therapists, speech pathology specialists and speech and language assistant jobs. With scores of UK permanent and locum positions, Globe Locums is the ideal starting place for your search for the sort of speech and language therapist position that fits your requirements. Register today and discover the perfect speech and language therapist jobs for you.

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How to register to work in the United Kingdom

Anyone wishing to take a UK position from anywhere in Australasia, Europe, Asia or elsewhere will need to comply with the current immigration rules instituted since the UK left the EU. You will need to proactively apply for work, whether you plan to domicile in the UK permanently or just on a working holiday. You must also satisfy the necessary qualifications and stipulated standards to work as a speech and language therapist, speech pathology specialist or speech and language therapy assistant. Anyone that intends to come to the UK for work must demonstrate the requisite experience and qualifications. You also need to choose the appropriate visa, as some require an employment offer before working and living in the UK. The Youth Mobility Scheme visa is an exception to this rule.

Requirements for speech and language therapists who wish to work in the UK

The employment eligibility requirements for employment as a UK based speech and language therapist are explained here:


You can get into speech and language therapy jobs through a university course or an apprenticeship scheme. If you take the university route, you will need a degree in speech and language therapy approved by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT). You could do a 2-year fast-track postgraduate speech and language therapy course if you already have a relevant degree.

Registration with Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Alongside the appropriate qualifications, you will need to register with the HCPC before accepting a speech and language therapy job offer. The HCPC inspects each application to assess whether they meet the required proficiency standards. This inspection includes an assessment of your English language abilities. It is critical to satisfy these criteria as an advanced degree of English competence is always required in this field.

What visas are available?

There is a range of visas available for UK work, depending on your specific objectives. If you want to work and live in this country permanently and work as a speech and language therapist, the visa would not be the same as is required for a temp position or jobs taken on as part of a working holiday. A range of the more widely used visa options are summarised here:

Working in the UK on a permanent visa

You can travel and live in the UK with health, care worker or skilled worker visas. In all cases, you will pay an application fee to get your visa processed and will need to have been offered a job before a visa is processed. Speech and language therapists intending to move to the UK often use a holiday visa, which allows the space to process applications and take interviews in preparation for being granted a permanent visa. If a permanent visa is given, this will permit spouses and dependents to come to live in the UK with you.

The temporary visas that are available for UK work

T5 visas (temporary visas) are an option if you wish to move to this country temporarily. Several temporary worker visas are available, although only some of these are applicable for healthcare. To gain temporary UK work, you will be required to be part of a fellowship or undertake training through an exchange program authorised by the government or apply for the Youth Mobility Scheme visa.

The Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS) Visa

The standard route for younger professionals who wish to temporarily work and live in the UK is via a two-year visa. The Youth Mobility Scheme visa is a mechanism to work and live for a maximum of two years in the UK, and this supersedes the working holiday visa. Due to recent changes, fewer countries are covered by the Youth Mobility Scheme visa than previously. It is not a requirement to have a fixed offer to be eligible for a YMS visa, but you need to be between 18 and 30. There is a requirement to have savings of a minimum of £2,530 for a successful application and you cannot bring any family along on this visa.

Life as a speech and language therapist in the UK

Your life as a speech and language therapist in this country will be contingent on the position you take and the chosen area, alongside your expectations and individual circumstances; below is what can be expected when living in the UK as a speech and language therapist:


Staying in the UK permanently would require longer-term arrangements like buying a home or taking on a long-term rental agreement. Short-term rental works for shorter temporary positions. Some permanent roles or contracted positions may provide accommodation, although this is more usual in shorter-term temporary roles. There are alternative routes available for locum positions. Some positions provide on-site accommodation or at least options near to your workplace, and major clinics and large hospitals offer advice on temporary quarters. You can alwaystalk with Globe Locums for additional information on this and advice on the roles that may be available providing this support. If you intend to travel within the UK while working, this could be a good choice for finding suitable accommodation that does not tie you into a long-term agreement.

Bank accounts

Working in the UK often requires an approved bank account to receive your salary. Although this is your choice, the straightforward setup and operation of online banking may be a better option than a traditional high street UK bank. If you intend to take advantage of the holiday visa, an account with an international bank account may be a good option. Our Working Holiday Checklist discusses bank accounts and additional practical elements of a move.


An entry-level speech and language therapist with less than one year of experience can expect to earn an average of £23,701. A mid-career speech and language therapist with five to nine years of experience makes an average compensation of £31,008. If you are an experienced speech and language therapist with 10-19 years of experience, you could earn £41,000. The National Careers Service quotes a top salary of £53,219. All income figures quoted are intended as a guide only but are current as of February 2022 (source: You can opt to work as a locum rate or an hourly paid temporary worker, with various pay rates depending on the contract and the immediacy of the employer requirements. Locum speech and language jobs can pay up to £40 per hour, depending on your experience and the assignment location. You can get much more advice about locum pay rates and general remuneration by contacting the Global Locums specialist team at any time. If you dream of relocating to the UK from Canada, Australia, The Republic of Ireland, or any part of the world, Globe Locums is your perfect partner. Globe Locums is the perfect vehicle to discover the best healthcare jobs that align with your qualifications and experience. We have a demonstrable track record of pairing our clients with their ideal roles. Whether you are looking at a long term position or a temporary placement, Globe Locums will support your search for the right UK position. Register now and review the numerous positions in your chosen discipline.

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