Under The Spotlight - Working as a Locum in Victoria, Australia

9 June  •  Working Abroad
Under The Spotlight - Working as a Locum in Victoria, Australia

Locum work is an increasingly popular working arrangement across many different industries, but none more so than in healthcare. Locuming offers both employers and employees a more flexible working arrangement, helping fill gaps in specialist roles and giving individuals more control over their career trajectory. Although Australia as a whole offers many opportunities for healthcare locums, Victoria is proving to be one of the most popular regions - and with good reason. So, in this article, we’ll look at why working as a locum in Victoria, Australia is so highly sought after.

Why Victoria is the Perfect Locum Destination

Victoria, the southeastern state of Australia, offers a diverse and vibrant backdrop for medical professionals seeking locum opportunities. The appeal of working as a locum in Victoria lies in its unique combination of lifestyle and professional benefits, making it an ideal place for those in the healthcare field.

Diverse Healthcare Settings

Victoria is home to a mix of metropolitan and rural healthcare settings, offering locum doctors a wide range of environments to work in. From world-class hospitals in Melbourne to smaller clinics in quaint coastal towns, the variety ensures that every locum can find a setting that suits their medical expertise and personal preferences.

Work-Life Balance

The state's geographical diversity allows for a work-life balance that is hard to beat. Locums in Victoria have the luxury of choosing to work in cities with vibrant cultural scenes or peaceful rural areas close to nature. The region's renowned wine regions, like Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula, and iconic landmarks such as the Great Ocean Road, offer relaxing getaways on days off. By finding the best place to live and locum, you can enjoy a less stressful working arrangement that gives you more freedom and fewer obligations.

Professional Development

Working as a locum in Victoria is also beneficial for professional growth. The state’s healthcare system is at the forefront of medical research and practice in Australia, providing locum professionals with opportunities to be involved in cutting-edge care and treatment. You get to choose your assignments as a locum, so you can guide your career in your preferred direction by only choosing relevant placements. This gives you greater control of where you work, giving you a fast track to gain exposure and experience in specialised roles like respiratory physiology.

Best Places to Live and Work as a Locum in Victoria

Victoria boasts a wide range of fantastic places to live and work as a locum. Whether you’re looking to enjoy all of the benefits of living in a big city or prefer somewhere a little closer to nature, Victoria has something for everyone. This variety, coupled with the fantastic locuming opportunities available here, makes Victoria one of the best places to work as a locum in Australia.


As the capital city, Melbourne is an obvious choice for many locums. The city's healthcare system is robust, with numerous hospitals and clinics offering temporary positions. The Alfred Hospital is one of the most advanced medical centres in the region, offering locums plenty of unique opportunities to locum and develop specialist experience. Melbourne is also known for its multicultural environment, exceptional culinary scene, and bustling arts and entertainment sectors, making it a stimulating place to live.


For those looking to escape the constant buzz of Melbourne, Geelong provides a quieter alternative. This coastal city is not only scenic but also has a growing healthcare sector, with standout facilities like University Hospital Geelong using locums for a wide variety of roles. The proximity to the Bellarine Peninsula and numerous beaches offers a serene lifestyle, ideal for those who value tranquillity outside work hours.


In the heart of Victoria, Bendigo is another excellent option for locums. This vibrant regional city is known for its impressive healthcare facilities and a smaller community vibe, which can be perfect for those looking to make a more significant impact in a local community setting. Bendigo Hospital is a fantastic place to work as a locum, offering placements across a wide range of specialisms.

How to Find the Best Locum Roles in Victoria

Although Victoria is a great place to live and locum, you’ll want to make sure you know where to find locum roles before settling down here. Securing the best locum roles in Victoria involves a combination of preparation, networking, and strategic searching.

Register with Locum Agencies

One of the most effective ways to find locum work in Victoria is through specialised agencies such as Globe Locums. These agencies can help locums find positions that match their skills and preferences and also assist with the necessary paperwork and credentials required to work in different parts of Australia. They can also negotiate on behalf of the locum for better pay and conditions.


Networking remains a key strategy in finding desirable locum roles, especially if you’re looking to gain experience in certain specialisms. Attending medical conferences, joining professional organisations, and even connecting with other medical professionals in Victoria can lead to job leads and valuable career advice.

Understand the Requirements

Locums need to understand the registration process with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), which includes meeting the standard for registration and understanding the specific requirements for working in Victoria.

Find Your Perfect Locum Destination in Victoria

Victoria offers a dynamic and rewarding environment for locums looking to enhance their careers while enjoying a high quality of life. Whether drawn to the bustling city life of Melbourne or the charming rural settings of areas like Geelong, locum doctors in Victoria benefit from a diverse range of work settings and lifestyle options. At Globe Locums, we aim to help locums find their perfect placements in regions across Victoria. We want to improve healthcare recruitment globally by bringing locums together with employers who are perfect for their goals. With our assistance, you can find placements that perfectly align with your career aspirations.

To find out more about what our team at Globe Locums can do for you, please get in touch with us today.

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