Top Locum Locations to Capture the Festive Spirit

8 December 2022  •  Locum
Top Locum Locations to Capture the Festive Spirit

When winter rears its icy head, you can feel the festive spirit throughout the United Kingdom. From north to south, people come out in their droves to celebrate the winter season. Cities and towns are donned in lights and decorations whilst houses are filled with warmth and the hearty smell of roast dinners. As a locum professional, you will surely be interested in the best location to locum in order to fully experience the British festive spirit. Well you’re in luck, here are our top 4 locations and a guide on what to do when you’re there.


Edinburgh is in itself, a beautiful capital city. Rolling Scottish hills fill the horizon, made complete by Edinburgh castle at the centre of it all. As the festive season arrives, it becomes that much more special. The city transforms into a fantastical array of lights and wonderful market stalls, which is why our number one suggestion is to visit their Christmas Markets. There you can find all manner of festivities amongst the bustling kiosks and tents.


Canterbury is a Cathedral city in southeast England, known as the headquarters for the Church of England. This is exactly why we recommend Canterbury as the place to Locum during the festive season. Their Cathedral services have been described as ‘heavenly’. Featuring a service given by the Archbishop of Canterbury himself and a choir performance by the outstanding Canterbury Choral Society.


The best way to experience the festive season in Bury is to witness their big Christmas Lights Switch On. See the town become a winter wonderland in moments as the decorations are illuminated before your eyes. Each year a different local celebrity is present to switch on the lights and the town is positively bustling with energy. While you’re there, we suggest visiting their Christmas Markets for some delicious German sausages, served in style.


What list of things to do in the UK would be complete without mentioning the capital city itself? London during the festive season comes alive like no other city. The smells, the lights and the sights are worth the visit alone. But above all, we recommend ice skating in the capital city at any of our top recommended locations. Skate atop their rooftop ice rink in Skylight, glide through the 18th century at Somerset House or feel the chill skating by the Tower or London. Any of these experiences is guaranteed to be the highlight of your festive season.

Experience the festive season like never before

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