Top 5 Ways You Can Locum and Help Save the Planet

21 November 2019  •  Locum
Top 5 Ways You Can Locum and Help Save the Planet

At Globe Locums we believe in responsible living. That’s why we encourage all of our locum healthcare professionals to lead by example wherever they travel across the world and keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. We have compiled a list of our top 5 tips to locum and help save the planet at the same time.


Recycling, particularly plastics, is one of the most important things you can to in order to help save the planet. Avoid using single use plastics and opt for reusable alternatives wherever possible. Read up on what the local council recycles and more importantly, what they don’t. That way you can make informed decisions about what products you will use. For those of you already living up to these responsible standards, find local recycling initiatives in the area where you locum and donate your time to help save the planet!

Food Waste

A UK study in 2015 showed that they threw away 7.1 million tonnes of household food waste. Do your part to keep these numbers low wherever you locum, by only purchasing food that you are sure to consume. You can also choose local produce where possible and cut down your meat consumption. Find out how your food choices can impact the environment here.


There are a number of ways that you can optimise your home whilst locuming for energy saving. Switch out your light bulbs for LEDs and either strictly monitor your use of electricity or opt for a smart hub to do the job for you. To further help save the planet as a locum healthcare professional, choose energy efficient appliances where possible.


Depending on where you locum, our advice for saving water varies. If the tap water is safe and drinkable, choose it over bottled water every time. If not, consider a water filter instead of using bottled water. Not only will this help you to save money, but it will help to save the planet. Other tips include always taking shorter showers and not leaving the tap running for any reason.


Where possible, always choose public transport. Or even better, walk and cycle. This will help to massively reduce your CO2 footprint and in most cases, provide you with some complimentary exercise. A great bonus of opting for any other form of transport than a car, is a chance to see your surroundings at a slower pace. As a locum healthcare professional, it will benefit you to enjoy the city you locum in. Just as much as it will benefit the planet in the long term. If you absolutely must drive, consider ride sharing, carpooling or an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Help save the planet with Globe Locums

At Globe Locum we specialise in placing locum health professionals in excellent jobs. If you’re ready to help us save the planet, use our find a job tool. We also run a Refer a Friend scheme where our candidates can earn £250 for one successful referral. Earn more with each subsequent referral.

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