Top 5 Tips for Getting Radiotherapy Jobs in the UK

16 September 2020  •  Working Abroad
Top 5 Tips for Getting Radiotherapy Jobs in the UK

1. Get HCPC registered

To work in the UK Radiotherapists MUST have HCPC registration. This UK organisation validates your qualifications and acts as your governing body whilst working in the UK.
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2. Make sure you have enough experience

Although the UK has hundreds of acute hospitals, under 100 have Radiotherapy departments. Each year large groups of students graduate and step into basic grade entry roles. If you want to come and work in the UK you need at least 1 years post grad experience to qualify for locum and most permanent jobs.

3. Train in Dosimetry/Planning before you come

The UK has a current shortage within Planning. If you’ve got experience in this sector your skills will be highly valued. With jobs up and down in the UK at the moment, Dosimetrists can earn up to £34 per hour for locum roles.

4. Register with an Agency

An agency will deal with most of the hiring managers in the UK so can get your CV under the noses of the correct people in minimal time. Agencies are entrusted to find the right candidates for each department so if your experience and equipment knowledge tallies to a specific department, chances are they will want to see you CV when they have a vacancy.

5. Be flexible

London is a great city to live in, but the UK has so much more to offer. With Radiotherapy centres across the UK and Scotland, there are some truly unique places to live and work in. Whether you like going to concerts or watching sport, chances are a city in the UK other than London could give you all you want for a fraction of the cost of living.

Globe Locums provide both locum and permanent Radiotherapy jobs for job seekers from the UK, Ireland and all over the world. To register your interest in locum radiotherapy jobs, please click here.

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