Overcoming the Anxiety of Working Abroad

5 December 2019  •  Working Abroad
Overcoming the Anxiety of Working Abroad

When it comes to moving and working abroad, many of us feel anxiety at the beginning. After all, the idea of travelling to and working in a country for the first time can be overwhelming. Here at Globe Locums, we specialise in placing locum healthcare professionals just like yourself into roles around the world. To ease you into this process, we have devised a number of ways you can reduce anxiety and enjoy the experience.

Get to know the country you will locum in

Knowing which country or city you will locum in gives you a huge advantage. You have the opportunity to search the internet for information, things to do (and things to avoid!) in your temporary home. One of the best ways to get unbiased information on this topic is to search YouTube for expats who have relocated to the same country, or to check out one of our blog posts that hone in on individuals who have locumed with us. This way you can see how they found the move, and they might even give you a few helpful tips to prepare you for your transition.

Another important preparation for locuming abroad is to form an understanding of the culture you will be joining. People in the UK for example, whilst being part of a very polite society, are quite closed off in public. Those of you travelling from a more open country, such as the USA, may experience an initial culture shock in these situations. Once you know what you’re heading into, you can adequately prepare yourself.

Join a Facebook group

There are many Facebook groups out there for locum professionals and specific nationalities who are working abroad. When you have an idea of the location you want to work in, look up Facebook groups to find a number of people who will be happy to share their experiences with you. Not only will this help guide your initial decisions and provide you with support, but you may even make a friend or two before you arrive.

Make a list of things to be excited about

One of the best ways to overcome your anxiety for travelling to a new country and working abroad is to consider the reasons why you want to move in the first place. We recommend making a list of all the places you look forward to visiting, the food you are excited to try and the things that you want to see. This way you can refer back to the list any time you feel anxiety and remind yourself of the incredible experiences ahead of you. It may also be a good idea to create a list of personal and professional goals for yourself to accomplish whilst working as a locum healthcare professional. Rather than getting caught up in the experience of living abroad, this will help you to focus on the things that are important to you.
What can Globe Locums do for you?

At Globe Locums, we specialise in placing locum health professionals in excellent jobs. If you’re ready to begin your locum journey, use our find a job tool. We also run a Refer a Friend scheme where our candidates can earn £250 for one successful referral. Earn more with each subsequent referral.

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