Are dietetics jobs difficult to come by in the UK?

23 June 2021  •  Locum
Are dietetics jobs difficult to come by in the UK?

Dietetics jobs are the only nutrition-based profession that benefits from registration with the Health Professions Council. Dietitians are qualified by degree to be able to translate food-related scientific data into practical dietary advice for their patients.

This is an increasingly important position in the UK as health complications relating to diet increase. The result is that there are many opportunities emerging in the UK. Read on to learn the importance of the profession and what the job prospects are.

How does a dietitian differ from a nutritionist?

Nutritionists study the nutrients in food. They examine the role those nutrients play in our bodily functions and the relationships between diet, health and illness. Many UK nutritionists hold a degree in nutrition and are registered with the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists. However, this is not a mandatory register.

Dietitians focus on interpreting and communicating the science of nutrition. This enables them to help patients make informed, practical choices about how their lifestyle relates to what they eat and drink. This incorporates both states of good health and of disease. The title of a dietitian is protected by law, and anyone who uses the title must be fully registered with the HCPC.

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What sort of UK dietetics jobs are there?

A dietitian has many doors open to them in terms of career paths. Finding the right direction for you will depend largely on your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and the way you like to work. The career prospects for dietetics are mainly in:

  • The National Health Service (NHS)
  • The food industry
  • Education
  • Scientific research
  • Health and lifestyle
  • Sports nutrition
  • Media

As you can see, a career in dietetics can take you down many paths. There are plenty of opportunities for career progression in a way that fits your personal interests and strengths. You will find dietetics jobs throughout the UK and overseas with a diverse range of specialisms. There are also lots of locum opportunities if that is a better fit for your needs.

Locum dietetics jobs provide greater flexibility and can be a superb way to gain experience in different environments. It can even enable you to travel and find work in different locations. You could earn anything from £18 - 30 per hour working as a locum in this field, so you can make good money in the right placement. This can be a very appealing lifestyle for many, and Globe Locums is the doctor locum agency that can help you to find positions in the locations you want.

What do you need to be a dietitian in the UK?

HCPC registration is compulsory since the dietitian is a protected title. You will need an accredited degree (BSc or Msc) in Nutrition and Dietetics or equivalent. A masters is often required for band 7 roles, and it is advisable to register with the BDA (British Dietetic Association).

You will be asked to complete a range of documentation to be able to work as a locum in the UK. These will include criminal record checks and health screening forms. Globe Locums can provide advice and support in completing this documentation if you need it to help get you up and running.

What are the main benefits of locum work?

We frequently offer 40+ locum dietitian opportunities through our recruitment agency. There are many attractive benefits, but the main ones are:

  • Flexibility - you can take on assignments around your travel plans or other commitments.
  • Variety - live and work in lots of different locations and take on a diverse range of caseloads.
  • Money - those in locum positions typically earn as much as 40% more than those in full-time, salaried roles.
  • Work security - locum contracts usually start at around 3 months, but it is not uncommon to be offered an extension. With lots of vacancies, you are never short of opportunities.

What are the top UK cities to find locum work?

1. London - Competition is highest in the capital, but this metropolis offers something for all. Many of the most prestigious private and NHS hospitals are to be found in London.

2. Birmingham - Often named 'Britain's second city', Birmingham is famed for its multicultural atmosphere and diverse cuisine. There is a regular stream of dietitian vacancies in the city, so if it is an attractive prospect then you should have little trouble finding the right opportunity.

3. Leeds - In the heart of Yorkshire, Leeds is close to the Yorkshire Dales and the beautiful city of York. You will find many roles in both community and acute settings in and around the city.

4. Manchester - Two of the world's most famous football teams are based in this iconic city. There are several famous private and NHS hospitals in Manchester, as well as one of the UK's leading heart centres, and you could find yourself a role in one of them.

You will also find vacancies in more rural locations as well as smaller towns. The UK is filled with variety in terms of natural surroundings, styles of towns/cities and the rich cultures of different locales. Whatever your priorities, Globe Locums can help you find the right fit to move forward.

What are the next steps?

If you want to get started with Globe Locums, the first step is to register with us to get your name in our books. From here, you can begin browsing our available opportunities by job type and region to find the right role for you.

We also provide a number of articles offering advice and insights into locum working in a number of different healthcare professions. You can always contact us at any time if you have questions and one of our friendly team will be happy to help in any way we can.

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