Working in the UK during Covid: An insight from an Aussie Dietitian

28 June 2021  •  Working Abroad
Working in the UK during Covid: An insight from an Aussie Dietitian

Great news for Aussie healthcare workers who are looking to come to the UK for the “rite of passage” working holiday - when international borders reopen the working holiday visa deal will be retained and extended to people aged 35 under a new free trade deal.

If you missed our last blog from our Kiwi Dietitian, we have been catching up with a number of our locums to get you the inside scoop into what it’s been like to come to the UK for work during Covid. This time we have asked Ryan, a Locum Dietitian from Australia to share his insights. Please read on below.

Q. Aussie’s & Kiwis a are a really important part of the UK's temporary workforce in healthcare. How difficult did you find it getting over here during a pandemic?

Didn’t find it difficult. Was just a timely and costly process awaiting things such as HCPC and flights etc… everything has just taken more time due to covid. In hindsight would have sorted all this earlier but a lot of it can’t be done until actually in the country unfortunately (NHS number, NI number… GP registration etc).

Q. How easy was it to secure a job?

Easy enough if willing to travel a little bit further away from where your accommodation is, particularly with a car. Similarly, if you work in a different aspect than back home (i.e. private practice/ sports vs hospital work for me). Obviously, as contracts go on I personally want to move closer to where I live (in terms of work), but there are definitely plenty of workarounds.

Q. Are you planning any travel at the moment using the Green List countries?

Yes, the main priority as to why I am in the UK is to travel at any possibility. Hence why locus work is good/ good to aim for 8–10-week type contracts and then travel for an extended period.

Q. What would your advice be for any Aussie/Kiwi healthcare professional currently on the fence about whether now is a good time to come to the UK?

Take a risk and do it; worse comes to worst can always just go home and go back to what you were doing. Advice wise- if you decide to move over get onto things like HCPC early as possible and plan. 

Looking to come to the UK for a working holiday?

If you would like to speak to one of our consultants regarding locums positions during your UK working holiday, then contact us here, or view our latest jobs.

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