Working in the UK during Covid: An insight from an Aussie Sonographer

12 July 2021  •  Working Abroad
Working in the UK during Covid: An insight from an Aussie Sonographer

In our latest blog, we catch up with Vivi, a Locum Sonographer from Australia who came to the UK to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vivi shares her experiences of what it’s been like to come to the UK and what her work has been like. Please read Vivi’s insights below. 

Q. What made you decide to come back to the UK now rather than staying out in Australia longer till everything had opened up?

With no sign of the Australian borders opening up anytime soon, we took on the opportunity to be able to explore a new lifestyle, despite the new 'normal'.

Q. How easy was it to secure work?

 Surprisingly easy- we managed to organise work and all our paperwork during our 10 day quarantine when we first arrived in the UK.

Q. Are you planning any travel to the Green list countries?

 Yes, initially we had started planning for Portugal but have just recently changed it to Iceland.

Q. What would your advice be to any Aussie/Kiwi keen to come here for a working holiday but unsure due to Covid etc.

Come here with an open mind and a sense of adventure as travel is definitely different now! We are grateful we have been able to come here and secure work so quickly, while utilising the opportunities to explore the UK and hopefully more countries in the future. 

Looking to come to the UK for a working holiday?

If you would like to speak to one of our consultants regarding locums positions during your UK working holiday, then contact us here, or view our latest jobs.

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