Why Cardiac Physiologists Are The Unsung NHS Heroes

29 July 2015  •  Locum
Why Cardiac Physiologists Are The Unsung NHS Heroes

Here at Globe we believe our locums go above and beyond their job roles and it is for this reason that we have listed the top 5 reasons why our locums are a major driving force behind the NHS.

Got difficult patients? – No problem:

1. One of the top reasons why our locum cardiac physiologists are the unsung heroes of the NHS is their ability to adapt to a wide range of different patients. Because of their experience of a broad range of patients their quality of communication is unrivalled.
Lively departments:
2. While our locums quickly and efficiently tackle patient lists, their enthusiasm and professionalism are well demonstrated in improving the departments’ services and relationships. Their commitment to work during their annual leave allows them to utilize improvements learnt from previous experience thus improving the NHS’s services all-round at their permanent positions.

Operating at full speed:

3. Not only do our locums have the ability to adjust to patients, they also have the opportunity to adapt to the ever-increasing variety of equipment used in hospitals. Ad hoc locum physiologists – including respiratory physiologists – adapt quickly to the demands of innovative hospital technology.
Busy bees:
4. Impressively, many of our cardiac physiologists carry out locum work during annual leave and still manage to gain accreditations, attend conferences and continue their involvement in charity work. If you are a candidate who likes a sharp balance between personal and work life then you should look out for our stand at the ‘HRC’ conference from the 4th to the 7th of October. Many of our candidates found the time last month to come to our locum night in Shoreditch: which as always proved to be a great night for all

Everyone is welcome:

5. Many of our dedicated locums are happy to travel across the UK in support of the NHS. Some not only travel across the country by car and train but fly over from as far as the outback!

Our locums get to experience new cultures by exploring the UK’s exciting cities yet are still as professional and committed as ever at work the next day. If you are interested to learn more about us at Globe or have an interest in any of our current jobs email us at [email protected]
Alternatively give us a call on 0207 229 2620

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