UK working holiday roles in recruitment

29 May 2022  •  Graduates
UK working holiday roles in recruitment

If you’re looking at working in the UK (or are already working here) to gain experience, see the sites, and explore the variety of travel options available, you may want to look at the unique opportunity of the UK working holiday, working in the recruitment industry.

If you’re on a tier 5 visa, you’re allowed to work in the UK for up to 12 or 24 months, depending on the scheme you’re on. If you look to gain some experience in London, you can see the sights and sounds of one of the most impressive and interesting cities in the world, while gaining some great earning potential at the same time.

So, why look at working in recruitment during your working holiday? In this post, we make the case for applying for a recruitment role. As you’ll learn below, not only does it pay well, but it could also be a ticket to enhancing your career long-term.

Jobs galore for recruiters in the UK and London

The UK is currently going through one of the most interesting labour market episodes in its history. To put it bluntly, there are more jobs available than people to fill them. Because of this, demand for recruitment services in London and the surrounding regions has never been higher.

Think about it, when employers can’t find talented people to fill positions in the open job market, where do they look? The first place they go is a specialist recruitment agency. Businesses trust them to find suitable candidates when they can’t.

Unsurprisingly, Globe Locum is benefiting from this explosion in demand for labour. The healthcare sector is seeing a labour shortage and needs experts to help them find and retain talent.

You can benefit from this too. As someone on a tier 5 visa, you can legally work in the UK matching job candidates to roles in the healthcare industry. Your work as a recruitment consultant will involve ensuring that the nation continues to receive a high level of service from medical practitioners.

Well paid work: huge earning potential

You could look at working in hospitality or retail during your time in the UK, but living in London, even if you’re working 40 hours a week can be challenging when working on minimum wage. Not ideal when you’re hoping to explore what the UK and potential the rest of Europe has to offer.

By contrast, working in recruitment can be far more financially rewarding, as you typically get out what you put in. This essentially means that you will be rewarded for your hard work. At Globe Locums, for instance, we offer competitive basic rates of pay and the opportunity to earn even more through our commission schemes.

How much you earn in recruitment depends on your experience and your role. Trainee basic packages start at around £20,000 and you’ll get paid more if you can hit on-target-earning (OTE) which can be £35,000-75,000 in your first years in the role.

What’s more, there’s also a real possibility of career progression. Recruitment is different from many low paying industries where accessing management levels is a challenge (and takes many years). For example, we offer stable paths to management. We have a clear structure where our recruiters can receive regular pay increases and promotions.

Enhance your career while living in another country

If you’re already in the recruitment industry, getting experience with a specialist firm like Globe Locums can enhance your career prospects even further.

Globe Locums is a unique recruitment agency in the sense that we’re owned and operated by clinicians. This feature means that we’re able to offer mentorship and training to those in graduate jobs, providing a unique insight into healthcare recruitment as we thoroughly understand the industry. We show you the lessons that we’ve learned over the years so that you can increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

If you decide to move on if you return home, you can use your experience with us to enrich your CV. Future employers will see that you’ve worked with a dynamic team of professionals in a highly specialised segment of the recruitment industry.

Opportunity for sponsorship after your visa expires

Once your visa expires, that’s not necessarily the end of your working holiday. Your employer can also request a UK visa sponsorship licence. This entitles you to work in the country long-term, even if you’re not a UK citizen or you don’t yet have “indefinite leave to remain.”

During sponsorship, you’ll get the same support as those in our graduate jobs London based. You’ll have the opportunity to get training, work with mentors and improve your skills. Over time, you’ll increase your pay and have fun while doing it.

Huge demand for your skills in the UK

Recruiter demand is rising in the UK. According to new data, 2021 saw double the posting of graduate recruitment jobs compared to 2019, with demand increasing across the EU as well. There are many drivers for this, including Covid and Brexit.

Sometimes called “The Great Resignation,” this movement is actually playing into the hands of recruiters. Firms are throwing their arms up in the air, wondering what they need to do to attract talent. And in their search to keep their operations healthy, they’re turning to recruiters, such as Globe Locums, for support.

There are many job opportunities for recruiters right now, and as economies build, the demand within the healthcare recruitment market will likely continue to increase.

To learn more about the recruitment opportunities at Globe Locums, please look at our latest vacancies, or read more about our graduate academy.

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