Top Five Tips for a Three-Month Locum Assignment

5 August 2020  •  Framework
Top Five Tips for a Three-Month Locum Assignment

When you’re ready to start your journey as a locum healthcare professional, finding your way through the maze of options and opportunities can be daunting at the very least. With the range of locum jobs in the UK now, it can feel overwhelming when having to decide between how long to spend on a locum assignment, to even the smaller details like discovering local amenities within your chosen location.

But you’re not alone! Globe Locums works to ensure that each worker is placed in a compatible environment where you can thrive in their locum career. We pride ourselves on having real healthcare professionals run our company, who understand the unique challenges you will face every day. Drawing from those experiences, Luke Corley, Radiotherapist turned Recruitment Manager, has provided his top five tips for a three-month locum assignment.

1. Take yourself outside of your comfort zone

Choose a location you might not normally consider, especially on a shorter assignment. To get a different perspective on the UK, choose somewhere outside of London. It’s easy to get caught up in the busy city lifestyle, so a more remote setting might allow you to experience more! Research your options and choose a place that appeals to your adventurous side. You might find that you enjoy learning about the various cultures and taking in the lovely scenery. London will always be there if you decide you want to have a go at it.

2. Get involved in the local sport

Speaking of trying new things, consider picking up a local sport. Even if you’re not a fan or have never tried it, join a club or find a gym that hosts different classes. Who knows, you might find you’re a natural at cricket! If nothing else, it provides a great opportunity to be social, get active, and learn a little more about the town you’re in. 

3. Take lots of short trips

While it might be tempting to get sloshed on a two-week tour of Ibiza, you’ll be able to experience more if you take off Fridays rather than entire weeks. Fridays will allow for a long weekend that is perfect for a two-night trip to all the places on your bucket list. You’ll be able to visit more destinations, while keeping everyone at your job happy because you aren’t gone for extended periods of time. Work hard and play hard while you’re there. Most locum workers look back on their experiences and wish they had done more travelling

4. Say “yes!”

Once you’ve figured out what you can plan for, it’s time to think about all the things you might not plan for. When your co-workers invite you to a night out, a trip to a new restaurant, or even a weekend camping trip, say “yes.” You’ll make some of your best memories during these impromptu outings. Try not to worry too much about saving money. Three months is such a short assignment that your bank card can handle it, even if it’s not something you originally budgeted for. If you’re looking for some things to add to do with your new colleagues, here’s our guide to a working holiday bucket list.

5. Learn a language

You will likely be placed in a country that already speaks your language; however, you should still consider trying to pick up conversational basics in another language. When you visit other countries, the locals will appreciate the effort. It’s also nice to be able to read a menu in the native language and not accidentally order something else!

As a locum worker, you have a unique opportunity to experience things that a lot of people only dream of. Take advantage of this chance and make the most of your time abroad. For more information about becoming a locum worker and what is involved, visit our website here.

If you would like to have a discussion with Luke about locum job opportunities or any further tips about locuming during your working holiday, please email Luke directly

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