Top 5 reasons why locuming is a great option for healthcare professionals

20 August 2019  •  Locum
Top 5 reasons why locuming is a great option for healthcare professionals

Locuming refers to the act of temporarily covering for someone within your profession. This is common in the healthcare profession and Locums regularly fill temporary roles within hospitals and medical practices. 

With such a vital role, it is of the utmost importance that someone who is both trained and capable at performing the required tasks is on hand. As such, when an employee is on maternity or sick leave, hiring a Locum is often the appropriate solution.
Here are our top 5 reasons for a healthcare professional to choose locuming.

1. True variety within your role

Whilst regular professionals may struggle with a lack of variety in their job, the same isn’t true for Locums. Locums have the privilege of exploring many areas of healthcare, including different healthcare settings and patient types. This helps to expand a Locum’s experience and expertise within his or her field. 

2. Compensation for your skills

On average, Locums are compensated more appropriately for their skills. Typically, whilst locuming in the healthcare profession you will be paid higher hourly rates and as a result, be more in control of your salary. But it goes without saying that the more shifts you work, the more money you will receive at the end of the month.

3. The doors you can open

As a Locum in the healthcare profession, you will work in a range of locations, potentially globally. On this journey, with the more experience you gain and the more contacts and relationships you create, you increase the number of doors that you can open in your career. Global skilled work will greatly enhance your CV and show recruiters that you are a highly capable and professional individual.

4. All of the places you will go

Working as a Locum offers you the opportunity to expand your potential globally. You will have access to a number of countries that are all seeking experienced healthcare professionals. Not many professions provide the chance to live in a variety of countries, nor are they so varied in the work that you can do. Whether you are at the beginning of your career, or just looking for a serious change of pace, the global reach of locuming may be the right choice for you.

5. Freedom as you’ve never known

Locuming as a healthcare professional offers freedom that is entirely scarce in the modern working world. With the vast majority of working professionals grounded in one city (or even one office!), the true benefit of a career as a Locum is that you can truly go where you want to go, take brakes when you need a brake and live your life in a way that suits you as an individual.

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