Top 5 reasons I would recommend all Echocardiographers to go to the annual BSE Conference

17 January 2017  •  Locum
Top 5 reasons I would recommend all Echocardiographers to go to the annual BSE Conference

BSE Conference

Top 5 reasons I would recommend all Echocardiographers to go to the annual BSE Conference

Now that Christmas has come and gone and we are into 2017 I have compiled the top 5 reasons I would recommend the BSE Conference! This year was Globe Locums third time at the BSE conference and we are finding it increasingly useful for us as stand holders as well as our clinical physiologists/doctors. This is why -

Building a connection…
The most important part of the conference for us is that it provides an opportunity to meet physiologists face-to-face and to understand how we can help candidates in general to find their first/next assignment. We can personally address any apprehensions and even introduce you to some of our current locums at the conference so you can access their experience. We have numerous unique private clinics as well as opportunities in Australia and New Zealand that most physiologists don’t realize are out there until speaking to us!

One of the most common worries is the list of compliance documents we require; we were able to tackle this at the conference this year as our compliance officer attended to answer any questions! Similarly, if you have registered with us and not yet completed the documentation, feel free to bring any copies with you for us to take back. I personally found this useful for one of my candidates last year who is still doing weekend work with me now! By registering with us at the conference you also gain entry into the competition and these three were our winners this year:

• 1st prize - Spa Break for two at a location of their choice went to Elliot from South London.
• 2nd Prize - £100 gift voucher went to Luciana from Cambridge.
• 3rd prize - Magnum of Champagne won by Sarah from Guildford.

The technical part…
For anyone looking to become BSE accredited there is the usual procedure before the conference: taking the exam and creating and submitting a log book. The conference is directly useful for accredited candidates as by attending different lectures you can accumulate a certain number of BSE points. On average you can usually get up to 5 BSE points per lectures attended and once you have the required amount it enables you to submit a case for reaccreditation: there is an easy-to-follow guide just follow this link! We are finding more and more, particularly in London, that it can be increasingly difficult to obtain a permanent or locum position without the accreditation.

Confidence with equipment…
Another benefit is that there are several stands demonstrating how to use all the different scanning equipment: exhibited this year was Siemens, Philips, GE Healthcare, Imagex Medic. These stands also set up scans on models that include both TTE and training equipment for TOE that physiologists can watch. As a company that is “run by clinicians for clinicians” we like to visit departments personally to inform our prospective locums know what to expect in a new department. The conference however, goes one better and gives us the chance to see first-hand all the difference equipment and even have a try ourselves!

Should you find a particular lecture unsuitable to attend you can come and visit all the different stands in the theatre hall. This is where you can find Globe ready and waiting to answer all and every query from cardiac technicians. We found that the general consensus, when speaking to people this year, was that the organizers had hugely improved the presentations and continue to do so year after year!

Become well-travelled…
One of the most exciting parts of the conference is that every year the location changes. For example last year we visited Birmingham for a few days and held our drinks evening in the heart of the City next to the conference hall. If you are travelling with a few colleagues or even by yourself next year please feel free to ask us where we are holding that evening as we always like as many people as possible. What is always exciting is that it isn’t until you pick up your pack at the conference reception that you find out the next location – next year is Scotland!

Support is always available…
Last but not least, the conference committee has a great support system that ensures candidates can apply for travel bursaries. There is a simple step by step process on their website to show you how to do this. Usually your permanent post will be able to assist - if several colleagues are going too it is always worth checking before booking anything. And finally, for any foodies like me, you get the pleasure of having your food for the day provided – which always tastes delicious!

If you are interested to learn more about us at Globe or have an interest in any of our current jobs email us at [email protected]
Alternatively give us a call on 0207 229 2620

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