Top 5 Places to Live in London as a Locum

11 June 2019  •  Locum
Top 5 Places to Live in London as a Locum

If you’ve recently secured a locum healthcare position in London and are getting ready to pack your bags, you’ll first need to find yourself some accommodation. The great news is that London has quite literally thousands of choices when it comes to where and how you live. The bad news is that so much choice can lead to overwhelming confusion. How do you know where you should be living in London, especially if you’ve never been before? Here are our top 5 recommendations to any Locum living in London.

1. Bermondsey

Situated in London’s Borough of Southwark. Bermondsey is 2 miles from Charing Cross, close to the bustling Maltby Street Market. Without a doubt, this area of London is both exciting and on-trend, with excellent transport links, green space and some affordable housing. And if you love shopping, you’re in luck. Bermondsey is home to hundreds of niche outlets and high street stores, as well as a popular textiles museum.

2. Hammersmith

Hammersmith is a riverside district located in the London Borough of Fulham and Hammersmith. Perfect for internationals who are after a bit of diversity, this hot spot welcomes people from all walks of life. Cosy up in the trendy pubs or browse the weekend farmers market for some local goodies. If you’re working centrally, Hammersmith is easy to access via the London Underground’s Piccadilly & District lines.

3. Shoreditch

Shoreditch is located in the London boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets, and is certainly one of the most vibrant places to be in London. Overflowing with character, this area features the famous Old Street, Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street, all of which are host to hoards of cafes, restaurants and quirky eateries. It also has multiple transport links, including trains, tubes, bus routes and cycle lanes, as well as easy access to the city centre.

4. Blackheath

Not far from Kent, Blackheath is located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and is perfect for those who prefer to escape the hustle and bustle of London’s city centre. With plenty of green space, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy long walks or jogs in the local parks and a genuine community spirit. Blackheath’s quaint village is ideal for those who prefer a quiet life, and the perfect retreat if you’re a busy healthcare worker in a central hospital looking for some downtime.

5. Leyton

Not long ago Leyton would have been known as a place to avoid, rather than an emerging city hotspot. But these days, young professionals from around the globe are scrambling to secure their place in this busy, vibrant and trendy area. Situated in east London on the Central Line, Leyton has excellent transport links, a great night life and plenty to see and do for people of all ages.

Finally, it’s important to remember that no matter where you choose, it should be easy to access, especially after a long night shift or busy week. Affordable housing is not impossible to find in London, and if you’re short on funds, flatsharing is possible in all of the above locations, as well as many more.

Speak to us today about your upcoming plans to move to London for a locum healthcare position!

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