Top 5 EU Cities to visit before Brexit

13 May 2019  •  Working Abroad
Top 5 EU Cities to visit before Brexit

Brexit is approaching, and for most people, that spells uncertainty. The EU has always offered freedom of movement, enabling opportunities for workers to broaden their work experience and explore new and exciting territory. 

Whether or not this freedom will continue, at least in the same way, is unclear. Therefore, we think it’s a good idea to make the most of your current opportunity to travel freely across this terrain.

The UK is by far the destination of choice for most health workers looking to work away from home. But once you arrive, and while the UK remains in the EU, you also have the chance to see new and interesting places on the visa you’ve been granted.
If you’re an Australian or New Zealand traveler planning for a UK working holiday, now may be an excellent time to finalise the agenda.
Make the most out of your working holiday by visiting these 5 EU cities before Brexit.

1. Barcelona

If you have a passion for great food, warm weather and gorgeous languages, Barcelona is the place to be. Brimming with internationals from all walks of life, this popular European hotspot offers vast entertainment, beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate.

2. Edinburgh 

Feel like immersing yourself in Bonnie Scotland? Edinburgh is the place to be! It’s a far cry from bustling London, but this relatively small city has a strong economy and excellent networking opportunities. It provides a serene environment to relax as you walk the quaint cobbled streets or satisfy your sweet tourist tooth by visiting the smoky gothic buildings. Be prepared for the chilly weather though!

3. Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany, and is both rich in heritage as well as friendly to internationals. Cheap to fly to from most UK airports, and neighboring multiple locations such as France, Switzerland and snowy Austria, this incredibly interesting city offers fascinating museums, energetic night life and fantastic international cuisine. 

4. Prague

The Czech Republic has come a long way since the fall of the Iron Curtain and has made significant economic progress. Prague, its picturesque capital city, is a not only a melting pot of economic activity, but packed with character and beauty thanks to its wide canals, golden bridges, Jewish quarters and busy town squares. It’s also only a short flight or train ride from Germany, so both countries can be combined in one trip with ease. 

5. Stockholm

Known as beauty on the water, Stockholm is calm and serene with spectacular sites such as Millesgården for art lovers and Artipelag which is a gorgeous woodland located one hour away from the city. Due to its stunning waterways, you can take a cruise to multiple parts of the city and beyond to really soak up what Stockholm has to offer.

Of course, Europe offers a vast array of superb cities you can either pass through or work in. To explore further, click here to explore healthcare jobs in the UK so you can kick start your European travel plans.

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