The Top 5 UK Locations to Locum

21 August 2019  •  Working Abroad
The Top 5 UK Locations to Locum

While there is undoubtedly a plethora of benefits to locuming, one of the greatest advantages is the opportunity to travel to different cities and even different countries. 

The UK is one of the top destinations chosen by Locum healthcare professionals thanks to a great number of roles available. But if you’re thinking about going to the UK to locum, where do you choose to settle?

Here are some of our top locations to Locum within the UK.


Liverpool is a thriving city and seaport with a growing population of close to 500,000 people. Known best for the Beatles or more recently, its football teams and The University of Liverpool, Liverpool is steadily becoming known as the place to be. As the city itself develops, the need for trained Locum healthcare professionals increases. The distinct culture that Liverpool offers makes it an ideal location to work as a Locum healthcare professional.


Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, is a bustling city, enhanced by its rich culture alongside its worldwide renowned university. We greatly recommend Glasgow as a location to locum due to its affordable living, excellent quality of life and the growing art and music scene. Tere is a constant requirement for experienced healthcare professionals and there has never been a better time to relocate to Glasgow as a Locum healthcare professional.

British Overseas Territories 

The varied British Overseas Territories function as the best parts of Britain with none of the poor weather. There are 14 separate territories, 11 of which offer tropical beaches and exotic wildlife alongside a requirement for locum healthcare professionals. If you happen to be even more adventurous than your average Locum, the British Overseas Territories might be the ideal place for you.


Manchester, often referred to as the gem of the north, is a prideful city with two of the world’s best known football teams. Bustling with culture, music and art, it’s a city that is still growing and developing as many businesses are moving away from London to avoid the high costs and establishing themselves in Manchester. With a great need for Locum professionals, affordable living and the chance to get in on the ground floor of it all, Manchester is one of the top places to locum in the UK.


London, the capital of England, is known the world over for its tourist attractions, royal family and position as one of the world’s leading financial centres. A city as large and busy as London is in desperate need for Locum healthcare professionals. Despite high living costs, the experience of living in London and the opportunities available are enough to for nearly 3 million foreigners to relocate there. We truly recommend London as one of the best locations to Locum in the UK.

If you’re seeking a role as a locum healthcare professional in the UK, browse our list of available positions here

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