The Top 5 UK Cities to Work as a Locum Midwife

21 August 2023  •  Working Abroad
The Top 5 UK Cities to Work as a Locum Midwife

As the demand for locum nurses continues to rise across the UK, many healthcare professionals are seeking opportunities to work in different cities. A locum midwife is a temporary position that offers flexibility and diverse experiences. Whether you're a newly qualified midwife looking to gain experience or an experienced practitioner seeking a change of scenery, this article highlights the top five UK cities to work as a locum midwife.

What We Look for to Find the Best Cities to Work as a Locum Midwife

Selecting the top five UK cities for locum midwives involved careful consideration of several essential factors. The following metrics were taken into account to help us find the most well-rounded and rewarding destination for locum midwives:

Work Availability

One of the primary considerations for locum midwives is the availability of work opportunities in a city. London, being the largest and most populous city in the UK, naturally offers a high demand for locum midwives across its diverse healthcare facilities. However, there are plenty of other major metropolitan areas that feature a robust job market for healthcare professionals, including locum midwives.

Social Scene

The social scene and overall lifestyle of a city can significantly impact a locum midwife's well-being and job satisfaction. One of the best parts about locum work is that you have the chance to choose where you live - so the social scene and surrounding amenities play a large role in selecting the best cities in the UK for locuming.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is another important consideration for locum midwives, as it directly impacts their ability to save and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. London is undeniably the most expensive city on our list, with higher housing costs and living expenses. However, it compensates with a plethora of job opportunities and a vibrant lifestyle. With that said, other cities might be able to offer a similar experience and level of opportunity without having to pay the London rates.

The Top 5 UK Cities to Work as a Locum Midwife

The UK offers plenty of options for locum midwives looking to soak up British culture and advance their careers. Choosing the right location can be difficult though, so we’ve whittled it down to a few fantastic cities across the UK. So, let’s go over our top 5 UK cities to work as a locum midwife:


London, the bustling capital of the United Kingdom, offers locum midwives a unique blend of cultural diversity and professional opportunities. London is home to some of the country's leading healthcare institutions - like St Thomas' Hospital in Southwark, and < "> St Bartholomew's Hospital near St. Paul’s. However, it also has many renowned teaching hospitals and research centres for midwives to gain exposure to unique cases and experiences. The city's multicultural makeup adds another layer of diversity and richness to the work of a locum midwife.

Working in London also opens up possibilities for professional development and networking. The city hosts numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars that allow midwives to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. What’s more, the transport links make it easy to explore other parts of the UK during time off, making London an attractive destination for adventurous locum midwives.


Birmingham, the second-largest city in the UK, is rapidly becoming a healthcare hub, attracting locum midwives with its vibrant and growing healthcare scene. With multiple NHS trusts, private hospitals, and community health centres, locum midwives in Birmingham have access to a diverse patient population and a range of clinical settings. Birmingham Women’s Hospital in particular offers an excellent platform for midwives looking to develop their careers.

The city's lower cost of living compared to London also makes it an appealing choice for locum midwives looking to maximise their earnings. Birmingham's friendly atmosphere and numerous recreational activities, such as beautiful parks, museums, and restaurants, provide an excellent work-life balance for those seeking a welcoming and supportive community.


Glasgow in Scotland boasts world-class healthcare facilities and teaching hospitals such as the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where locum midwives can collaborate with experienced professionals and expand their skill set. The city's supportive medical community and the opportunity to work with diverse patient demographics contribute to a rewarding professional experience.

Outside of work, Glasgow's rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene provide ample opportunities for relaxation and exploration. From museums and galleries to scenic landscapes, locum midwives in Glasgow can enjoy a high quality of life both inside and outside the workplace.


Bristol, situated in the picturesque South West of England, offers locum midwives a unique blend of a relaxed lifestyle and professional fulfilment. The city is known for its innovative healthcare facilities such as those found at St Michael’s Hospital, making it an excellent destination for midwives seeking to make a meaningful impact on their patients' lives.

Bristol's proximity to the countryside and coastline provides locum midwives with the perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy nature during their free time. The city's vibrant social scene and various cultural events also offer ample opportunities to meet new people and build a supportive network.


Manchester, a dynamic city in the North West of England, is a thriving hub of healthcare advancements and research. As a locum midwife in Manchester, you'll have access to cutting-edge medical facilities like those found at Tameside General Hospital, as well as the chance to collaborate with leading experts in the field.

The city's vibrant music, sports, and cultural scene offer locum midwives an exciting lifestyle beyond work. The cost of living in Manchester is generally lower than in London, making it an attractive choice for locum midwives who want to stretch their earnings further.

Find Your Perfect Locum Location as a Midwife in the UK

Each of our top five UK cities offer unique opportunities and experiences for locum midwives. In this role, you have the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of patients while exploring the rich culture and diversity the UK has to offer. Whether you seek professional growth or a balanced lifestyle, these cities provide an ideal platform for your locum midwifery career.

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