The Top 5 Reasons Medical Scientists should head to the UK, now!

18 September 2014  •  Working Abroad
The Top 5 Reasons Medical Scientists should head to the UK, now!

1) Job opportunities

The jobs available for Medical Laboratory Scientists (which are called Biomedical Scientists (BMSs) here) are plentiful right now. Across all the major specialities from Blood Transfusion to Cytology, these skills are much in demand at the moment in a number of different labs from National Health Service to Private.

2) Training/CV enhancement

You could be working in some of the most prestigious hospitals, renowned around the world for the best treatment and research contributions to science. You could be working with influential consultants and thought leaders. Gaining experience in this setting and maybe even getting a reference from these individuals would be worth the trip alone

3) Travel UK

I love travelling the UK. I have always been keen to take trips around the UK, whether it was a family holiday or a short weekend break. Recently, I ran the Edinburgh Marathon and explored all that Scotland's capital has to offer as well as a short trip through the lochs and past the UK's highest mountains. A trip to the West country (Devon and Cornwall included), is highly recommended also to see England's green countryside and rolling hills. But you're never far from all that, even in London, with excellent connections to quaint villages or coastal towns.

4) Explore Europe

Access to Europe is so convenient from the UK with cheap air fares, high-speed rail links and ferry crossings. Go to Paris for the weekend or the Mediterranean for quick get away. Soak up the various cultures, sights and culinary delights.

5) Meet like-minded people/networking

With so many Medical Scientists/Biomedical Scientists around with various backgrounds and experiences you are sure to gain better insights into the profession from different perspectives and get opportunities for making new friends and colleagues.

If this sounds good to you then head over to the website and register here or apply to one of these fantastic jobs. You can also email [email protected] with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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