Radiography Opportunities For Aussie Grads in the UK!

12 January 2015  •  Working Abroad
Radiography Opportunities For Aussie Grads in the UK!

So you've worked your butts off, you're acing all your exams but when you graduate there aren't as many jobs available in Radiography as you'd like.

With government public sector cut backs rife in Australia currently Radiographer grads just don't have the same abundance of choice that fellow Rads had a few years ago. Whether it's cyclical or down to pure economics, Aussie Radiographers might have to be that much more flexible if they want to scoop that job they want.

So if you're going to be flexible anyway why don't you consider a job in the United Kingdom.

In the UK currently we have oodles of healthcare jobs available for spritely young Australian Radiographers. From London to Edinburgh, we have permanent jobs and Locum opportunities available.

Many Aussie Radiographers choose to Locum here also. You can earn up to A$65 per hour here and there are loads of extra perks that go with the roles also. You can take advantage of onsite accommodation which is cheap and affordable, not to mention social!

Learn more about salary ranges in Radiography.

We're coming out of our austerity here and now is the time to come and get a great locum Radiography contract.

To register you need HCPC Registration, which takes approx 3-6 months to get. The pound is gathering momentum also and at the moment you can get almost 1.3 Euros to the Pound! This means you can take advantage of cheap travel across Europe.

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We're a Kiwi owned and run agency in London and we also have Aussie Radiographers who are part of our team. 

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