Put a UK Working Holiday on your bucket list!

4 September 2014  •  Working Abroad
Put a UK Working Holiday on your bucket list!

Did you know that there is a world of high pay rates, flexible work, taxable benefits and mind blowing travel at your disposal at a click of a button?
If you didn’t you need to read this blog...

For years Aussie and Kiwi’s have been coming to the UK in their droves enjoying the rich travel pickings the UK has to offer the discerning antipodeans explorer. From rolling down hills with giant cheeses, to seeing the wondrous Aurora Borealis in Norway, travelling and living in the UK has and endless array of things to offer young, travel hungry folk from the southern hemisphere. Short haul flights are cheap from the UK, opening up the whole of Europe for weekend breaks away between your working week. Never will you have such an amazing opportunity to see so much, so easily and all at an affordable price... 

So what about the high pay rates and flexible work? The answer here is simple. Aussie and Kiwi Radiographers & Sonographers have a number of visa options here in the UK which enables flexible working.

Option 1. The Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa

This visa allows Australian and New Zealand Radiographers under 31 the opportunity to come and work on a flexible basis for up to 2 years. It also allows job seekers to work as locums which has great advantages such as flexible working and high rates of pay.

Option 2. Ancestry Visa

If one of your Grandparents were born in the UK you’ll probably be able to apply for this Visa. This will allow a longer stint and again access to all our locum jobs
Now that you know about the visa so what about the jobs

Here in the UK we are in need of skilled Allied Health and Health Science Healthcare Professionals to help us cope with a national shortage. We’ve got jobs up and down the UK & Ireland. The average role lasts around 3-6 months and notice periods are only 1-2 weeks so the work is fantastically flexible.

So what should you do?

Get in touch with one of Globe’s expert consultants and we’ll give you all the free advice you need. We can assist with Visas, Bank Accounts, Jobs and can advise on the key events you must not miss.

So go on, ping us an email today and make your travelling dreams a reality! Email us at [email protected] or call on 00 44 207 229 2620 Check out our jobs here!

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