Psychology jobs that allow you to travel

8 September 2023  •  Working Abroad
Psychology jobs that allow you to travel

A degree in psychology can open up a world of opportunity both at home and abroad because there are many psychology jobs that allow you to travel and experience life in different countries. Whether you're looking to work as a therapist in Australia or you want to support the armed forces deployed in various countries across the world, there's a psychology job for you.

While there are certainly some challenges to working abroad, for the right individual, it offers an unrivalled opportunity to build your expertise while experiencing other cultures. But what type of psychological roles can you expect to find? This blog will explore the types of jobs available, typical salaries, and what qualifications you will need.

We have split all the psychological therapist jobs into various disciplines to help you find the perfect role for your skillset.

Clinical psychology roles

Counselling psychologist

Counselling psychologists help people deal with difficult issues and mental health problems. Examples include bereavement, domestic violence, sexual abuse, trauma, depression and PTSD. They usually work in a clinical setting but can be institution-based. There are plenty of counselling type jobs available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Education: Masters in Psychology, plus experience working under a licensed counsellor.

Typical salary: £44,000

Child psychologist

Child psychologists assess, diagnose and treat children with severe mental illnesses. They help children overcome their difficulties so that they can lead happy and successful lives. Because the role is specialised, there are many opportunities to work overseas, including the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Education: Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology Studies

Typical salary: £52,000


A Neuropsychologist assesses people experiencing difficulties with their concentration, memory, language and reasoning. This could be due to diseases such as Parkinson’s or injury to the brain. The field of Neuropsychology is very specialised and there are often opportunities for foreign travel once you're fully qualified.

Education: PhD in Neuropsychology

Typical salary: £56,000

Cognitive psychology roles

Social psychologist

Social psychologists study how individuals are impacted by the people around them. Specifically, they study interpersonal and group dynamics to help identify implicit bias, bullying, substance abuse, and criminal activity cases. The role is diverse, and both UK and Australian psychological therapy jobs offer opportunities for foreign travel.

Education: PhD in Social Psychology

Typical salary: £47,500

Developmental psychologist

Developmental psychologists examine how thinking and feeling can change behaviours throughout a person's life. They need to know a wide range of areas, including biology, social interaction and emotion. Many UK psychological therapist jobs are available that offer opportunities for foreign travel once you're fully qualified.

Education: PhD in Developmental Psychology

Typical salary: £43,200

Educational psychologist

Educational psychologists work with schools and local authorities to help improve learning experiences. They also assess children who may be suffering from learning difficulties. The role is diverse with plenty of opportunities for foreign travel, with roles available across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Education: 3-year Degree in Psychology

Typical salary: £32,000

Personality psychologist

Personality psychologists study how our personality develops and how this impacts the way we think. They also work to assess, diagnose and treat various personality disorders including Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Schizotypal Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Education: 3-year Degree in Psychology with pre or post-doctoral supervised experience

Typical salary: £48,000

Forensic psychology roles

Police psychologist

Police psychologists work with law enforcement agencies to develop criminal profiles of offenders. They also research to further develop understanding in the field. In some cases, they will also work with the prison service and interview offenders. The role can lead to extensive foreign travel once a reputation has been developed.

Education: BA (Honours) Criminology and Psychology

Typical salary: £49,000

Psychology of crime and delinquency

This type of psychologist examines the environmental and social influences that can lead to criminal behaviour. They work with local community leaders, town planners, schools and law enforcement to reduce crime. The role can lead to posts abroad once you have gained sufficient experience.

Education: BA (Honours) Criminology and Psychology

Typical salary: £46,000

Victim support services

Victim advocates help support the victims of crime. They provide emotional support, provide advice about legal rights and protections and assist in funeral and memorial arrangements. Victim services psychological therapy jobs are in demand in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Education: No degree required. Applicants will need sensitivity and understanding

Typical salary: £25,000

Health psychology roles

Behavioural Disorder and Mental Health Counselor

Behavioural Disorder and Mental Health Counselors help support patients suffering from various addictions and disorders, including alcohol addiction, eating disorders and violent behaviour. The role is typically based in a single country and most work in schools, hospitals or correctional facilities. Roles are available in Ireland, Australia and the UK.

Education: Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in psychology

Typical salary: £34,000

Social and human services assistant

A social and human services assistant supports other health professionals, including social workers and psychologists working with behavioural health and rehabilitation patients. Typically they help compile reports, provide logistics and carry out research. This type of role is common in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Education: A Bachelor's degree is not required, but most applicants do hold one

Typical salary: £39,000

Substance abuse counsellor

With rates of substance abuse increasing in many parts of the world, substance abuse counsellors have plenty of opportunities to help addicts recover. Suitably qualified individuals can work worldwide with plenty of jobs available in Australia, the UK and Ireland.

Education: Varies from an approved apprenticeship to a Bachelor's degree in psychology

Typical salary: £30,000

Occupational psychology roles

Aviation psychologist

Aviation psychologists work for airlines or airport operating companies. They study the aspects of human behaviour that are relevant to aviation, to make flying more comfortable and safer. The role includes everything from devising behavioural tests for pilots to planning airport traffic flow to reduce stress.

Education: Bachelor's degree in psychology

Typical salary: £55,000

Military psychologist

Military psychologists support the armed forces by providing a range of psychological services. This could involve developing treatments for soldiers suffering from PTSD to ensure military pilots are not operating under stress levels that could impact their performance. This type of role involves extensive foreign travel.

Education: Bachelor's degree in psychology

Typical salary: £39,000

Search for psychology jobs that allow you to travel Globe Locums offers access to a wide range of psychology jobs in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. We have a comprehensive list of both permanent and locum psychological therapist jobs for you to choose from.

So, no matter if you are newly qualified and seeking your first locum role or have several years of experience under your belt and are looking for a new challenge abroad, Globe Locums has the job for you. Search for the latest vacancies here.

Please note that all jobs are subject to obtaining a visa to work in your country of choice. Visa requirements vary from country to country. Check out our guide to obtaining a UK visa for healthcare professionals for more information.

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