Plans For New 7 day NHS Service

21 June 2015  •  NHS
Plans For New 7 day NHS Service

General Election

If the General Election highlighted one very important issue that most people could probably agree upon, it could be the NHS and our continued appreciation we have for it. It is a system that those around the world admire for it's philosophy - 'good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth'. Free health care available at the point of delivery, available to everyone based upon their clinical need and not their ability to pay. It is a great British institution, we should be proud of.

Both main parties made a pledge to protect our precious health service and give more to allow it to go further than it is currently able to do so, growing stronger with increasing demand. One of David Cameron's first announcements following the election was that he would push for a 7 day health service. I think most people would agree, it would be better to be able to receive the same level of care at any time you fall ill and not have to wait unnecessarily for any treatment or investigation, if it could happen sooner.

This is being implemented at the moment and a drive to help the NHS deliver more is being pushed forward. Most working people would greatly welcome that flexibility to have investigations and treatment at a more favourable time, ie the weekend. Precious individual time can then be saved during the week and pressure taken off to pack everything required into 5 days.

We are already helping many NHS trusts with their weekend needs. Services are now looking to grow and run throughout the week on a continuous basis and we have sessions available at numerous locations. Can you step in as a locum and help on Saturdays, Sundays, evenings or ad-hoc shifts? If you have some free time on your hands, even just one day a month, it could be a good way to be a part of these valuable extra services that are needed and a good way to earn some extra money.

If you'd like to do weekend or evening work contact us today.

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