Overcoming London Fatigue

24 July 2019  •  Locum
Overcoming London Fatigue

New to London? Welcome to the busy London lifestyle characterised by long working hours and an even busier nightlife. On your days off, there’s tons to see and new places to visit as you explore what this great city has to offer. Sadly, your body can only take so much and soon enough, it is likely to give in to burn-out. 

The thing about fatigue is that conventional medicine does not seem to help. The lethargic feeling is frustrating and no matter how many hours of sleep therapy you try to log in, chances are that you’ll still be feeling sluggish the next morning. On the bright side, you can make a few changes to your daily routine and lifestyle, all of which help to combat chronic fatigue. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Take a step back

Don’t let your new job and lifestyle take too much of your time. Your body needs time to rest and reset. If you’re spending too much time at work trying to be helpful, you are actually not helping yourself. The same goes for your social life. Though there is so much to see and new and interesting people to share moments with, take a step back and give yourself some time to rest. You’ll be surprised how a weekend spent catching up on your favourite TV show or strolling in the park makes you feel so much more energized.

2. Cut back on alcohol

There is nothing wrong with downing a few glasses after a long day at work. However, if you want to get a good night’s sleep, cutting down on alcohol may be good for you. Research shows that even after you pass out in bed after a night out, the alcohol in your system affects how your brain functions, and may be preventing you from getting restful sleep. Also, be mindful of London’s post-work-drinks culture! Your colleagues may try to entice you to the bar most nights, and this will eventually impact how well you feel. 

3. Set up an exercise plan

Exercise is probably the last thing you think of when feeling fatigued, but it could actually help lift your spirits up. Force yourself to get up and hit the gym, or even take up running and see how it helps. The goal here is not physical fitness and you can start with something as simple as walking 15 minutes every day. Avoid overexertion, though, as it does more harm than good.

4. Take up meditation

Some alone time is good for you, and mediation provides the perfect opportunity to spend time with your inner self. Mediation has been shown to lower stress levels and it gives your brain time to rest and your body time to relax.

5. Be mindful of your diet

As a health professional, you are already well aware of the importance of a healthy diet. However, it’s easy to choose to skip breakfast especially if you’re running late, yet your body needs the energy boost to get the systems up and running. Eat regularly while avoiding excess sugar and staying hydrated. Your aim is to fight fatigue and get your body functioning optimally. To do this, you need regular healthy meals and enough hydration. 

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