Locum Psychological Therapies Careers Toolkit – The Definitive Guide To Working As an Agency Psychological Therapist

7 May  •  Locum
Locum Psychological Therapies Careers Toolkit – The Definitive Guide To Working As an Agency Psychological Therapist

Embarking on a career as a locum psychological therapist offers both profound personal satisfaction and a unique set of career opportunities. For those drawn to flexibility and variety in their professional life, working as an agency psychological therapist in the UK might be the perfect path. This guide provides an essential toolkit for understanding and navigating the landscape of agency work in psychological therapies, including the benefits, potential earnings, best places to work, and how to register for work in this exciting field.

About Psychological Therapy in the UK

Psychological therapy in the UK, also known as talking therapy, encompasses a wide range of therapeutic approaches designed to help individuals manage mental health issues, emotional challenges, and psychiatric disorders. Therapists may specialise in cognitive behavioural therapy, guided self-help, counselling and more, addressing conditions from depression and anxiety to complex trauma and personality disorders.

Psychological therapy is a widely adopted healthcare service that is growing in demand. As more people than ever before are learning to manage their mental well-being healthily, mental health services such as psychological therapy are being used more than they ever have. It is a regulated profession in healthcare, so if you want to work in this type of role you will have to register with an appropriate body such as the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) for Psychologists, and UKCP or BABCP for therapists.

In the UK, therapists work in various settings, including NHS trusts, private practices, schools, and community organisations. However, a growing number are choosing to work through agencies that connect them to temporary positions in diverse environments.

What is Agency work?

Agency work, sometimes known as locum work, refers to temporary employment where an agency hires individuals out to various organisations. For psychological therapists, this means working in different clinical settings on a contract basis rather than being a permanent employee at one location. This model offers flexibility and variety, appealing to professionals who seek exposure to different working environments and client groups. For many people, agency work is the best career path for them as it unlocks several benefits when compared to traditional, full-time contracts. These include:

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