How to get locum healthcare jobs in Ireland

6 August 2022  •  Working Abroad
How to get locum healthcare jobs in Ireland

Healthcare professionals enjoy the option of working locum jobs, opening up a whole new world of possibilities and experiences. Ireland presents such opportunities with its current shortage of healthcare professionals. This article shows you how to get locum healthcare jobs in Ireland, covering the steps necessary in the process.

What is the healthcare job situation in Ireland?

There is a high demand for healthcare professionals such as sonographers, dietitians, dispensing opticians, occupational therapists, optometrists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, radiographers, social workers, etc. in Ireland. However, you can only access such opportunities if you follow the correct procedure.

How to register for work in Ireland

Where you come from determines what steps you will take to successfully enter Ireland and begin working. If you live in one of the EEA countries, you don’t need an employment permit. EEA countries comprise the EU, Norway and Lichtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, and the UK. Besides the EAA countries, here is a list of other countries whose citizens also don’t need a visa.

Anyone from any other country needs permission to live and work in Ireland. Therefore, you’ll need a work permit and visa. In addition, if your locum job duration will exceed more than three months, you’ll have to apply for residence permission.

Visa application

Here are the types of visas you can apply for, depending on the nature of the locum job:

  • Short stay visa: A short stay visa is suitable if you plan to stay for a maximum of three months.

  • Long stay visa: This applies if you plan to be in Ireland for more than three months and is a suitable choice for locum work, where there is a possibility of extending your contract or finding a better position.

The visa application process is done online, with the steps to follow on this site. You need to complete your application eight weeks before your planned travel date to ensure the processing is successful before then and any issues are ironed out. For example, if your visa application is rejected, you can appeal that decision through a letter to the Visa Appeals Officer at the INIS Visa Section.

You’ll pay a standard non-refundable visa application processing fee of €60 for a single journey visa which lasts for a total of three months. This means you’ll enter Ireland once and stay until your visa expires. If you plan to make multiple journeys, you’ll need a multi-journey visa which costs €100. In addition, you'll be charged communication fees, whose rates you can confirm at your local Irish embassy or consulate.

CORU registration

Besides the visa application, you’ll also need to do CORU registration. CORU is Ireland’s multi-profession health regulator whose function is to uphold high standards of professional conduct, education, training, and competence, thus protecting the health and welfare of citizens of Ireland. CORU does so through the statutory registration of health and social care professionals.

CORU’s regulation mandate gives it the power to set the standards that health and social care professionals must adhere to and keep an accurate register of all health and social care professionals who meet those standards. In addition, it assesses the qualification requirements of educational institutions responsible for qualifying healthcare professionals who operate in the country. This mandate extends to following up on these professionals to ensure they continuously add to and update their qualifications.

The CORU registration is online, where you’ll need to submit certain forms and complete the process. It is best to rely on a healthcare locum agency to guide you through this process as any mistakes could cause you problems later. You’ll need to upload your educational and professional qualifications, certificate of criminal clearance from your country of origin, passport size photographs, and a statutory declaration form.

Top 5 places in Ireland to work in during a locum contract


The festival capital of Ireland has 58 out of the 852 health facilities in Ireland. These health centres are spread out across the county, ensuring easy access for the residents. As the fourth most populated city in Ireland, Galway’s healthcare facilities are always busy, further increasing the demand for skilled healthcare professionals. Its location along the west coast enhances its beauty and appeal, offering new residents so much to explore.


Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is the most populous city, presenting a ready market for healthcare services. Its healthcare facilities are the most advanced in the country, offering the best opportunity to learn and advance your career. It is also Ireland's tourist and financial magnet, providing the chance to explore the country’s rich history and culture.


Tipperary’s central location gives one access to virtually all of Ireland, ensuring you enjoy most of what the country has to offer. Finding locum jobs in these health centres should be easy for anyone interested.


Situated on the west coast of Ireland, Mayo has diverse natural formations, from lush greens to desert-like topography. If you wish to travel for the scenery, you’ll enjoy its picturesque cliffs and coastline. There are also many health centres where you’ll find excellent locum jobs.


Wexford is situated in southeast Ireland, at the mouth of river Slaney. The town retains the medieval charm, which is great for those interested in tourist activities. This region also offers affordable housing and excellent educational facilities, ideal for healthcare workers who wish to settle and advance their careers. With its vibrant community, numerous sports facilities, and world-class public services, you’ll find life in Wexford satisfactory.


Locum jobs present an exciting path to career development, a chance to travel and explore new places, and a way to revive your passion for your career. Ireland has a high demand for healthcare professionals as the country looks to provide excellent medical care for its population. If this is something you’d like to explore, let us handle the complexities of this process for you and guarantee a job placement once you arrive there. Contact the team today to discuss your options.

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