How to find the best pharmacy jobs in the world

25 May 2021  •  Locum
How to find the best pharmacy jobs in the world

Finding your ideal pharmacy job can be the best career move you will ever make. When you know what you are looking for and where to search, it can be exciting and can inject you with a renewed dose of ambition to progress in your career. However, searching for the best pharmacy jobs in the world can be a daunting prospect if you do not have the right tools and the correct assistance.

There is a myriad of options to consider when you are searching globally for the paramount roles in the pharmacy industry. Firstly, you will need to consider what training, skills and experience you already possess and whether or not it would be advantageous to undergo further training or studying before you apply for your new pharmacist role. If you are considering a move, it is important to research which country you would like to live in, both for work and personal purposes. It is also essential to compare the salaries on offer in various countries relative to the cost of living there.

So which are the best countries to work as a pharmacist and how can you realise your ambitions and find the best pharmacy jobs in the world?

Which countries pay the highest wages?

There are many countries that provide excellent remuneration for being a pharmacist. The USA offers some of the world's most highly paid jobs in the pharmacy industry, with the average pharmacist salary totaling around $132,770 (USD) (approximately £96,000) per year for permanent positions, which averages out to around $70 USD (£50 GBP) per hour. Locums are considerably higher-paid, earning up to $164 (USD) per hour (£120 GBP) which can amount to an annual salary of over $300,000 USD (£215,000 GBP).

In Australia, there is also a considerable financial reward for pharmacists and the average yearly pay in this antipodean country is $161,255 (AUD) (or £90,000), which is around £40 per hour. A locum pharmacist can earn up to $60 AUD per hour (£35 GBP). In New Zealand, the average salary a pharmacist can expect to earn is $75,000 (NZD) (£40,000) in a permanent role and $30-40 NZD per hour as a locum. In Ireland, the typical average yearly pay is around €86,788 (EUR) (£75,000) for permanent staff and approximately 30 Euros/hour for locums. In comparison, the UK offers slightly less at £70,504 (GBP) for permanent positions and £22/hour for a locum pharmacist on average.

Where can I experience an excellent quality of life?

Of the countries that offer the best wages in the pharmacy industry, Australia and New Zealand both consistently rank in the top ten countries to offer the best quality of life worldwide.

High pay is only a part of what contributes to this superior quality of living. Beautiful weather, lower stress index, and a generally more laid back attitude all make for a happier population. Therefore, alongside the exceptional rates of pay, countries such as Australia and New Zealand may be very attractive options to build both a career and a life.

What is the best route to becoming a pharmacist?

The route you take to become a pharmacist will vary depending on where in the world you live. In the UK, you can study for an MPharm degree, which is an accredited Masters program in pharmacy and typically takes four years to complete. After graduation, it is essential to register with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) in order to legally practice. You can also join the Royal Pharmaceutical Society for continued career development. Other countries will offer different routes into the profession, so it can help to check your local requirements.

Can I work in more than one country during my career?

In short, yes you can work in multiple countries during the course of your career. However, local rules, regulations and requirements may necessitate extra training or qualifications, depending on the territory in which you wish to work. Most countries welcome foreign nationals into the healthcare service in order to ensure that there is no lack of staff resources and ensure that patients are well accommodated for.

In the UK, there are various steps that a pharmacist from abroad will need to take if they wish to work in the UK. This includes completing an Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme (OSPAP), doing one year of pre-assessment, and passing the GPhC registration assessment.

Is working as a locum pharmacist a good option?

Working as a locum provides many attractive benefits across the world. On average, the average hourly pay of locum pharmacists tends to be higher than for those who work in a permanent position. Choosing to work as a locum also provides exceptional flexibility. It means that you are not tied to a single role or even a single city and allows the option to travel and explore the country. This is even more beneficial if you are moving overseas for work and want to experience many different places in your new country before settling down. As a locum pharmacist, you will not struggle to find work because health services in a range of countries are regularly offering opportunities to locums. Consequently, this can allow you the combination of flexibility and stability that you require.

How can I find the best pharmacy jobs in the world?

Whether you are trying to find a pharmacist job in the UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand, healthcare recruitment agencies can help you. The benefit of using healthcare recruitment firms is that you can transition into your new role with simplicity. From performing a job search to learning about your potential salary to starting your new role, it is significantly easier to take each step with the help and assistance of a trusted and experienced agency.

At Globe Locums, we have established strong and reliable global links that put us at the forefront of worldwide healthcare recruitment. This makes it substantially easier to find the best pharmacy jobs in the world and locate a role that will suit your ambitions and skills. We network with a variety of global health services to ensure that we not only meet staffing demands from global healthcare services but also deliver the highest quality of service to our prospective locums to optimise the recruitment experience for everyone involved.

To find your ideal pharmacy job, view our latest locum pharmacy jobs.

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