How to find the best nursing jobs

21 July 2021  •  Locum
How to find the best nursing jobs

Many people make the mistake of believing that jobs in the healthcare sector cannot be mixed with travelling. However, many of the best nursing jobs available are given with short term contracts, providing health care professionals with the opportunity to travel as they work!

Healthcare recruitment agencies are always on the lookout for talent in the medical industry who can fill short term positions around the UK and other parts of the world. Becoming a nurse does not mean that you have to throw your dreams of travel away. There are some excellent nursing jobs available that could take you to every corner of the world! This article will guide you through how to find the best nursing jobs so that you can travel whilst working a job that you love!

Types of nursing jobs available

Finding your dream nursing role could be the difference between a job that you love and a job that you resent. Travelling will be a lot more enjoyable if you are working in an area that you like, so it is important to know exactly which type of nursing jobs could be the best for you. Many people assume that nursing jobs are only available in hospitals, but in reality, there are many kinds of nursing jobs available around the world.

Children's nurses

Children’s nurses work in paediatric wards and in children’s hospitals to care for patients. As a children’s nurse, it will be your job to not only look after each child’s health but to make them feel safe and welcome during their stay on the ward. Children can get very frightened of medical procedures, so children’s nurses will need to be able to stay calm and have a high amount of patience.

Adult nurses

Adult nurses work in a variety of medical settings with adult patients who are receiving medical care. As an adult nurse, you could be placed in the NHS or in the private sector and will be responsible for the care of adult patients during their medical treatment.

Mental health nurses

Mental health nurses take care of patients who are struggling from psychiatric illness rather than a physical condition- although some mental illnesses do have physical side effects. Whilst mental health nurses do work in hospitals, they are more often found in mental health care settings such as residential homes or rehabilitation centres.

Health visitors

Health visitors are nurses who travel to various homes in order to care for patients. Health visitors will usually perform simple check-ups when visiting each patient and will ensure that their environment is adequate for their medical needs.

Neonatal nurses

Neonatal nurses work with babies who are born premature or sick. This job requires extremely high levels of care and a nurturing attitude. Neonatal nurses will often do shift work to provide 24-hour care to the babies, so these jobs often offer flexible hours.

What to look for in the best nursing jobs

It is good to know what area of nursing you may like to go into, however, this is not the only consideration that you should take when choosing a nursing job to work whilst you travel. The best locum nursing jobs will provide you with an excellent working life, so it is important that you think about what would be the best type of contract/working life for you whilst you travel. You should consider:

  • Are the hours flexible?
  • What is the pay?
  • What is the length of the contract?
  • Will you be provided with extra training?
  • Does the job come with any employee benefits?

Flexible hours

If you want to experience a new country whilst working as a nurse, a flexible hour contract might be the best option for you. Flexible hours simply means that you can swap shifts around to fit in other daily activities that you may have planned. Flexible hour contracts often involve working some late, night or early shifts, however, they do give you a lot of free time to explore.

What is the pay?

The pay that you receive from UK nursing jobs will depend on a few things:

  • Whether you work in the NHS or private sector
  • What band you work at
  • Your position compared to other nurses
  • Whether you work night shifts or daytime hours

Of course, there are pros and cons with each option in the above list, however, it is important to consider whether a high pay rate is something that is important to you. It is also good to know whether the job will pay you an hourly or fixed rate.

Contract length

If you plan to travel the world whilst working as a nurse, you will probably be looking for short term contracts or even locum positions. Locum nurses are healthcare professionals who stand in place of any other professional while they are unable to work or whilst a more permanent member of staff is found. The length of a locum position will depend on the length of time that it takes for the role to be permanently filled.


A bit of extra training in your nursing role can help to boost your CV and maximise your chances of securing future nursing jobs. If you are travelling to a new country, undertaking a training course whilst working in that country is a great way to bag other jobs and expand your skillset. Some nursing jobs will provide extra training to their staff for free, which will save you a lot of time and money training with an external provider. It is always a good idea to inquire about extra training that is available with any nursing job.

Employee benefits

Some job roles will come with added benefits that could include discounts, free services, extra holiday or even a free gym membership. Whilst these benefits are not a vital part of your travelling experience, they could definitely save you some money in the long run. It may be a good idea to ask about any benefits that come with a nursing job before accepting it.

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