How much does a cardiac physiologist earn?

11 May 2022  •  Locum
How much does a cardiac physiologist earn?

Becoming a cardiac physiologist is a rewarding career path. The cardiopulmonary field has its perks with excellent job satisfaction and opportunities for growth. However, you probably want to know how much a cardiac physiologist earns. Before we look at the pay scale of these professionals, let's get better acquainted with who exactly a cardiac physiologist is.

What is a cardiac physiologist?

A cardiac physiologist is a healthcare professional who diagnoses, treats and monitors patients with heart conditions. Some cardiac physiologists work in hospitals and emergency rooms, while others work in a laboratory setting or at a patient's bedside. Cardiac physiologists are not doctors, but they will work closely with doctors (cardiologists) to create a treatment plan for any problems that appear during your tests. They might perform tests that include:

• Electrocardiographs (ECG) (to measure electrical activity and look for abnormalities)
• Echocardiograms (to measure blood flow through the heart, usually by using ultrasound waves)
• Exercise ECGs (to see how well the heart works during exercise)
• Stress echocardiograms (uses ultrasound imaging to see how well the heart works under stress)

The results of these tests help physicians make informed treatment decisions.

How much does a cardiac physiologist earn?

In the NHS, cardiac physiologist salary varies according to the band they are placed in. Cardiac physiologists who have started a career as a Band 5 can expect to earn between £26,000 and £32,000 per annum. Those who have achieved Band 6 can earn between £33,000 and £40,700 a year.

As you move up in your career and gain experience, you'll be able to progress to Band 7 where you could earn between £41,000 and £48,000 per annum. Those at this level tend to be more experienced and could be in charge of some patients and lead a team of junior physiologists.

Locum cardiac physiology jobs

If you want to maximise your earnings as a cardiac physiologist, try doing locum cardiac physiology jobs. A locum is a medical professional who temporarily fills in for a doctor or physician who cannot fulfil their job responsibilities. Locums often fill in when hospitals and other medical establishments are understaffed.

So how much salary does a cardiac physiologist earn as a locum? Locums are generally paid higher rates than permanent employees to cover their extra expenses and the fact that they don't receive benefits like retirement plans or sick leave.

Locum cardiac physiologists can expect between £20-55 per hour, depending on banding and specialism. Highly experienced echocardiographers and specialist cardiac physiologists, for example, earn the higher end of the spectrum. You can contact Globe Locums to speak and discuss your pay rates with a specialist consultant.

How can you find work as a locum cardiac physiologist?

Locum positions can offer you flexibility, but they can also be difficult to find if you don't know where to look. Fortunately, there are easy ways to find these kinds of jobs and get your career as a locum off the ground.

Find an excellent cardiac physiology locum agency

When it comes to working as a locum cardiac physiologist, two things are anticipated. There is the potential for great reward and the potential for great frustration. The best way to ensure your experience is on the rewarding end of the spectrum is to find a good cardiac physiology locum agency that will support you in finding work and getting paid. Agencies typically have more information on available positions than an individual would be able to get on their own. Look for an agency that has been around for a while and that has a solid track record.

Register with NHS

When you register with the NHS, you'll receive a list of occupational health services available to you. You'll also receive recommendations for which occupational health services will best meet your needs.

Make use of your networks

Talk to other people in your field and see if they have any leads on open jobs or opportunities that might interest you. If someone has been working somewhere for a while, they probably know others who have been there. Ask them what they thought about their experience at each location! Many recruitment agencies offer referral fees for successful placements, too. So if your friend refers you and you’re awarded the position, they can receive a reward – win-win!

Build up your experience and reputation

If you've worked as a cardiac physiologist before, make sure the agency knows about your experience and can represent it well. If this is your first job, try to gain some experience working in a local hospital or clinic.

Sign up with job boards

Many websites offer listings for locums, so find a few that you like and sign up for their email lists. You'll get opportunities delivered straight to your inbox!

The benefits of working as a locum cardiac physiologist

Locums usually earn more than permanent employees

For most healthcare professionals, the primary motivation for working as a locum is financial. Locums usually earn a lot more than permanent employees. Many locums also receive additional perks, including travel expenses and accommodation allowances if they are required to travel to other hospitals.

Career-wise, locum work is beneficial

You can gain so much experience in multiple settings that you would not necessarily access as an employed physiologist. Working in different hospitals will expand your skill set and help you become more employable. Locum work is also a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and learn new skills from colleagues across the world.

You have more freedom

When you are employed in one place, your career options are limited to where you live or want to move to - but when you're a locum, you can work anywhere! You can try out life in different places and see if it's right for you before making the commitment of relocating or buying property there.

You become more flexible and adaptable

If you're looking to become more flexible and adaptable, working as a locum cardiac physiologist can be an excellent choice. As a locum, you'll be employed on a short-term basis, so you'll have to be ready to move with the flow. One of the benefits of that is that you'll get used to changing environments and schedules. So you'll become more flexible as a result.

You can see the world while earning money

As a locum, you'll be able to travel anywhere globally, including exotic locales like Australia and Canada. You'll also get paid for this travel, so it's great for those looking for some extra cash on their vacations.

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