How much do paediatric nurses earn in the UK?

19 April 2021  •  Locum
How much do paediatric nurses earn in the UK?

There is always a need for more paediatric nurses in the UK. Healthcare recruitment agencies are searching for qualified candidates in the UK and internationally to secure NHS nursing jobs in the UK so it is natural for potential candidates to want to know how much do paediatric nurses earn in the UK. 
Working in nursing is a demanding yet rewarding profession and that can be even more poignant for nurses whose primary function involves the care of children and infants. Whether you're a permanent full-time nurse or an international nurse seeking locum jobs UK, earning a good salary is extremely important too as it's essential to receive reasonable recompense for the devotion and hard work that you put into your work. 
So, if you're considering paediatric nursing jobs UK based, what will your duties be and how much do paediatric nurses earn in the UK? 

Life as a paediatric nurse in the UK

Children's nursing shares many similarities with adult nursing in the UK, such as noting observations, preparing patients for surgeries and procedures and administering drugs, injections and IVs. In addition, it may be necessary for paediatric nurses to liaise closely with the family of the patient to explain the patient's condition and possibly obtain consent for certain medical or surgical interventions. 
Full-time nurses are expected to work a standard week of 37.5 hours, usually on a shift basis. However, there are increasingly more flexible opportunities available including part-time, job share and locum work. Locum work can be a good method of exploring different hospitals and cities to find the best fit for you. 
For international candidates seeking UK nursing jobs, it can often be helpful to utilise the services of a nursing locum agency. These healthcare recruitment firms are exceptionally skilled at matching paediatric nurses to their ideal vacancy - taking working hours, location preferences and other factors into account, to ensure you’re matched with the perfect roles. 

NHS paediatric nurses

So how much do paediatric nurses earn in the UK in the NHS? Well, NHS pay depends on factors such as qualifications and level of experience and is scaled on a structured band system. Most newly qualified nurses will start in the NHS at band 5 on the pay scale, meaning your initial earnings will be £24,907 annually for working a standard 37.5 week. After two years this will rise to £26,970 and with four years of experience, there is a further increase to £30,615.

Climbing the NHS ladder

A progression in your career will reap more financial rewards. Junior sisters or paediatric charge nurses can earn up to £37,890 per year after garnering five years of experience, while the salary for ward sisters is £44,503 per annum. A paediatric matron earns a yearly salary of £51,668. Extra qualifications will enhance your chances of career progression.

How much do paediatric nurses earn in the UK in London?

For healthcare workers in the NHS, there is also a London weighting, raising the basic salary to account for extra living costs. For nurses living in and around the capital city, these high area supplements vary depending on where in the capital you live, but they can provide a significant increase to your overall pay packet.

Paediatric nurses living in Inner London are entitled to an extra 20% of basic salary, subject to a minimum payment of £4,473 and a maximum payment of £6,890. Nurses living in outer London can receive an extra 15% of their salary up to a maximum of £4,822. This payment also covers nurses living on the fringe of the capital, receiving up to £1,791.

Life in London

For international paediatric nurses, there are many benefits, other than a higher salary or pay rate. The nation's capital is full of rich history to explore including cultural museums, monuments and a rich and vibrant urban area. Living in a multicultural city like London is fast-paced and exciting and this will be reflected in both your work and social life if you choose to secure a permanent or locum post in the city.

Paediatric nurses in private hospitals

Unlike NHS nursing, private nursing is unregulated in the UK and therefore it is more difficult to pinpoint their average salary. There are anecdotal reports that claim some private nurses can earn up to double the salary of those within the NHS, while others claim the rate of pay is fairly similar in both the private and public sectors. However, in private hospitals, there are not the same benefits on offer of an NHS pension and the same levels of sick and maternity pay.

Paediatric locum Nurses

Benefits of life as a locum

Locum nursing is an excellent option for nurses seeking more flexibility than they would find in a permanent role. For locum paediatric nurses, you can choose your shift patterns, number of working hours and when you want to take holidays. The latter can be especially important for nurses with families and young children. There are employment opportunities across the country.

Locum salary

According to statistics, the average salary for locum nurses in the UK is higher than for permanent nurses, often totaling more than £40 per hour and Locum jobs in London can pay a significantly higher hourly rate than the rest of the UK. They offer versatility for those who enjoy travel and don't want to stay in a single place but would rather move around the UK. This is particularly beneficial for nurses who want to explore the UK before settling down in a specific town or city.

Qualifications needed for paediatric nursing jobs in the UK

UK candidates

For anyone from the UK wishing to studying nursing with the ultimate goal of working with children, a nursing degree is required. Two or three A-levels are generally required for acceptance onto a nursing programme as well as GCSE level English, science and maths. There are also other options, such as nursing degree apprenticeships or starting off your career as a nurse associate.

International candidates

Nurses who have qualified and trained outside the UK and EEA can also apply to join the Nursing and Midwifery Council register. A series of tests will follow, including a computer-based multiple-choice test, a practical observed structured clinical examination and an English proficiency test. If you're a paediatric nurse looking for work in the UK, you can find the perfect post for you by visiting Globe Locums.

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