Help us clear the patient backlog to prevent a cancer timebomb!

1 August 2021  •  Locum
Help us clear the patient backlog to prevent a cancer timebomb!

Covid-19 has, unsurprisingly, dominated health conversations over the past few months. But, as an indirect consequence of the pandemic, 2,000 people a week are going undiagnosed or untreated with cancer. Due to the serious influx of patients needing treatment for Covid-19, there is a significant backlog of people waiting for diagnosis or cancer treatment.

We believe in being proactive. To clear the backlog before the situation worsens, the NHS is looking outward towards locum healthcare professionals as one way to fill their urgent staffing needs.

What are the risks of the cancer timebomb?

Macmillan Cancer Support have warned that tens of thousands will go untreated for cancer because of Covid-19. A recent survey found that out of 100 patients, 45% have reported that their cancer care has been disrupted or even cancelled. This is due to healthcare organisations prioritising Covid-19 cases above others as well as staff shortages due to isolation. Furthermore, the Institute of Cancer Research has suggested that delaying cancer surgeries for over three months may lead to an excess of 5,000 deaths.

Steven McIntosh, Macmillan Cancer Support policy director, said: “That’s why we’re warning that the size of this ticking time bomb is deeply worrying for people who are living with cancer but also for storing up huge problems for the NHS in trying to diagnose and treat cancer, when we have also seen significant disruption to cancer surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.”

What can we do to help?

Healthcare organisations must catch up on cancer care in order to prevent a serious spike in deaths. By clearing the backlog of missed appointments and delayed treatments, this may be possible. However, it cannot be done without additional help.

Currently the NHS is seeking skilled workers in the following professions:

Help the NHS combat the cancer timebomb as a locum healthcare professional

Globe Locum have been successfully placing locum healthcare professionals into UK based roles since 2011. Their ethos is ‘run by clinicians for clinicians’, making them incredibly well positioned to place healthcare professionals like you in NHS roles.

If you’re looking to join the NHS during the Covid-19 epidemic and help to prevent the cancer timebomb, but aren’t sure how to begin, use our find a job tool. We also run a refer a friend scheme where our candidates can earn £250 for one successful referral. Earn more with each subsequent referral.

Have any questions? Contact us or give us a call on +44 (0)20 7229 2620.

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