Heathcare Heroes needed in the UK – 5 Top Tips

8 October 2014  •  Working Abroad
Heathcare Heroes needed in the UK – 5 Top Tips

Changing Your Current Healthcare Role

Aussie? Kiwi? Canadian? Fancy a change or break from your current role? Want to live somewhere cosmopolitan, quaint and bustling with things to do from shore to shore? Then it's about time you made the UK your next working holiday destination, or even something more locum/permanent with one of Globe's many fantastic UK Locum Healthcare and allied health jobs across the country. At Globe we know what's important in life, not just having a great job that you love, but having the good life that comes with it. That's why we are experts in placing you in jobs that suit all of your needs, both as a healthcare professional and an individual. The top 5 reasons for getting started on your UK adventure with Globe are:

1 - With an expert team of friendly staff comprising highly experienced clinicians and recruitment consultants from around the world, we can guarantee that the service you will receive will be second to none. In fact, we are the UK's fastest growing medical recruitment agency and our excellent candidate and client feedback proves why!
2 - The UK healthcare market is currently seeing an increasing demand for specialist, highly-skilled clinicians across all disciplines, from Nurses to Sonographers, Cardiac Physiologists to GPs. That means you are highly likely to find the right job to suit you, with the freedom and flexibility to work as much, or as little, as you want.
3 - At Globe we love to travel and see the world, but we can also be home-bodies. Our UK headquarters is situated in the heart of London, a city bursting with life and activity. No two days are the same, and you can be guaranteed to find a hospital or private clinic in an area attractive to you; whether you're the Kensington & Chelsea or the hip, East London kind, London is a fantastic, welcoming place in which to start your UK adventure.
4 - While many Kiwis and Aussies may complain of the rain and cold, this may actually have influenced London's busy cafe and artisan deli culture. For what's better than to sit indoors with an artisan cappuccino and the newspaper on a wet, wintry day by St Paul's? Or sipping organic hot chocolate as you stroll between the covered stalls of Borough Market, sampling some of London's worldly delights? For those more interested in upping things a gear, London has some fantastic indoor and outdoor activities on offer, from bars and clubs, to climbing walls and outdoor lidos, white water rafting and kayaking, and even the opportunity to travel an hour to the sea by train, with board and swim shorts in hand. There is a lot to do here, more than we have time to! It's what you make it.
5 - The quality and variety of the places where you will work is outstanding. The NHS is a world leader in delivering top-quality free healthcare to millions of UK citizens and the research output of hospitals and medical schools is second to none. You can be sure that while you are here, you are not only adding an intrepid spirit to your CV, but also a chance to really brush up on your skills, acquire new ones and make friends and contacts that will stay with you for life.

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