Great news - you don’t need to stick to the same Cath Lab forever

12 August 2016  •  Working Abroad
Great news - you don’t need to stick to the same Cath Lab forever

The Dilemma of Choosing Between Working and Traveling

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.” - Mark Twain

I am sure everyone at least once faced the dilemma of choosing between working and traveling. I went through it myself in my university years, when every May I was torn between a road trip across Europe and an internship at my University. I didn’t mind getting up early and spending all my days in the office - it was staying at the same town all year round what I absolutely dreaded about working when I could be traveling. Can you relate?

When we stay at the same place all the time, we get so used to area and so reluctant to leave our comfort zone that the feeling of following one routine slowly but surely blurs out our desperation for happiness and craving for adventures. It makes us feel like we are sitting in a botanical garden on a sunny day, but we can’t see all the beauty around because our sunglasses are still covered with dust from the motorway.

Don’t get caught up in a life like that out of fear to leave the comfort zone. I know it is easier said than done, and you are probably asking - what is the solution? Travel more! Changing the environment affects your perception of life events, the novelty being the salt and pepper to your otherwise boring daily salad. Being in a new setting adds adrenaline to your life, forcing you to pay attention to more details around you than you usually would in a familiar environment. That being said, the situation won’t change much if you just randomly take off to a town nearby and chill there for a few days – a brief adventure may have a positive short-term effect, but in the long run you are unlikely to feel any different. Changing environment should come with a particular purpose – for example, a new job. 

The good news are that we are here to help you! The glory of being a locum is that you are open to shifts in any spot of the UK (or even further – cheeky nod to Exotic jobs we get once in a while). You always have the freedom to explore without the pressure to commit to a specific area. You earn money on weekdays – you discover new places on weekends. You go to a new cafe for your lunch break. You meet new people, you learn new accents, and you make new friends! Most importantly, you look at life from a completely new angle – it is like you wiped the dust off your sunglasses. Being a locum gives you the luxury that few people on permanent full-time contracts have – flexibility, and we are here to make sure you use this privilege to its full potential.

Feel inspired? Then get in touch! #livetravellocum

Darya, Consultant – Globe Locums

For more info on Cath Lab Nursing roles please feel free to contact Darya at [email protected]. For other Nursing roles you can reach us at [email protected]

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