Globe Locums Receives Fair Tax Mark Accreditation

9 August 2023  •  Globe Locums
Globe Locums Receives Fair Tax Mark Accreditation

Globe Locums Receives Fair Tax Mark Accreditation, Demonstrating Ongoing Commitment to Ethical Business Practices

Globe Locums, the UK’s number one allied healthcare agency, is proud to announce its accreditation with the esteemed Fair Tax Mark, the gold standard of responsible tax conduct. This recognition reflects the organisation's unwavering dedication to ethical business practices and its commitment to supporting the UK economy.

The Fair Tax Mark is an independent certification awarded to companies that demonstrate transparency, fairness, and responsible tax conduct. By achieving this prestigious accolade, Globe Locums has solidified its position as a socially responsible enterprise that operates with integrity and upholds ethical principles at its core.

Jon Watts, CEO of Globe Locums, expressed his enthusiasm about the company's latest achievement, stating, "We're proud to add this accolade to our list. What this demonstrates is that we have an ongoing commitment to operate ethically, with high integrity, supporting our economy in the UK, the place we call home and conduct our business. With the world of corporate tax often grey and hidden from partners, we're proud to transparently show all of our stakeholders that we truly are ethical at our core."

Graham Drummond, Head of Communications and Movement Building, Fair Tax Foundation, said; “Our recent UK public polling shows people want to work for, and celebrate, businesses that can prove they’re paying their fair share of tax. With the Fair Tax Mark, Globe Locums can say what they pay with pride and show stakeholders they’re committed to responsible tax conduct and financial transparency. They join a growing movement of businesses, who between them contribute more than £1.25bn in corporation tax annually.”

At a time when corporate tax practices are often shrouded in mystery and complexity, Globe Locums aims to set a positive example by fostering transparency and accountability in its financial affairs. By achieving the Fair Tax Mark, the company showcases its dedication to responsible tax conduct, benefiting not only its stakeholders but also the wider society.

The accreditation represents a significant milestone for Globe Locums and serves as a testament to the organisation's unwavering commitment to operating as a responsible corporate citizen. By adhering to ethical tax practices, Globe Locums actively contributes to the sustainability and growth of local communities, making a positive impact on society.

Globe Locums extends its gratitude to its valued partners, clients, and employees for their continued support, which has played a pivotal role in attaining this prestigious recognition. As the company moves forward, it remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, responsible business practices, and a shared vision of building a fairer and more sustainable future.

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Globe Locums is the UK’s number one allied health recruitment agency. Globe Locums provides both temporary/locum, master vendor, insourcing and permanent staffing solutions to healthcare clients globally, ranging from large acute NHS hospitals in London to small start-up clinics in rural Scotland.

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